It's in Oz

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There, copied the pic in for you, Bob.

That's where my assistance ends because, unless this is Narrabeen Lake (and I don't remember it having that much of a slope), I have SFA idea of where your bike is, except under a banana palm.

Thanks Neil. Not Narrabeen. Very subtle clue middle right.

I was thinking the bank of the Hawkesbury river

You spotted the speed boat on far side with tiny white wake? But where more precisely is this idyllic spot?

If it's Hawkesbury, you're probably at Spencer.

Northern Bank. Near Gunderman

OK, you get the bananas. No 1044 Wisemans Ferry rd, shows up nicely on street view. Must be the right micro climate for banana plants as quite a few along that section.

Very nice ride! (well, without hi-pressure tires) 

Now, who was it that told me that edible bananas were all sterile?


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