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Is this Tea Gardens redux? 

looks like it!

Yes, way too easy!

I would have said Little St Forster, but there is a lack of oyster leases in the background.

I came here for the coffee...

There is a good cafe here here now - just near the pub in the river. Everything is coming together ;-)

Yep! We also had good coffee at Hawks Nest almost opposite the caravan park on the road heading eastwards to the beach.  

Yep, good coffee in regional towns is a beautiful thing!

Not so happy about the ferry service! 

It seems the ferry business is in  dire straights - I had planned to ride with my daughter to the ferry and then ride from Nelson Bay to One Mile Beach for surf school.

The ferry web site suggesting booking ahead to ensure getting seats.

But when I rang to book the first morning ferry I was told there are no more 9am ferrys. Canned apparently due to lack of patronage.

Sad. We had to be at One Mile by 11 and the earliest ferry left at 10.

Had to drive and ruin a great bike-ferry-bike adventure :-(


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