Somewhere very warm and has flowers that match my bike.

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There you go, Bob. I made it smaller.

Is it somewhere beginning with S?

Probably not the Simpson Desert but that is hot and may even have flowers occasionally. Maybe lamp posts don't grow there, though.

Yep,starts with S.tks for putting image up.I van only add files it seems

Is that some pavé that you were riding?

Hell of the South!someone thought it a good idea to make a stone paved entry road to an archaeological site.was about 800m long.
Hint: ancient Greeks had a quarry here.

I need to see your packing list Bob!  I want to be able to travel that light too!  Are you cooking, tenting or something else?

Credit carding.Few campsites, but plenty of olive fields to free camp, although this time of year the farmers are all ploughing, so could be risky.
As it is, I could have left the jumper behind, and the raincoat.Dry and sunny.

Am I reading this right, you have tent + sleeping gear in your panniers?

We know you like the self sufficient, survivalist look Dabba but maybe you need to lighten up a bit like Bob, exercise the credit card more and your legs less, ditch the tent, sleeping bag, mat, stove, 4 weeks rations, atom bomb shelter, could lighten your load by half or more, you could hurl yourself up higher mountains. Would help too with spending the kids inheritance faster, five star touring and cover even more ground, more riding time, less setting up / taking down campsite, just finish gourmet breakfast, pay the bill and off...

Thanks for your words of wisdom Bill, but I'm not quite ready yet to practice being dead!  :-)  Credit card touring!  Humph!  Isn't that also called Audax?  ;-)

I just bought myself a new roomy 2 person tent that can pitch <3 minutes and packs in about the same time.  It put a hole in the kid's inheritance.  This has been added to the new -10 deg sleeping bag that I bought on my last trip.  I only take the kitchen sink with me in case I can't get a pub meal or a good lunch feed, so I'm not skimping on food - usually have 4-5 meals a day.  When I arrive at a caravan park and they ask whether I want power, I just point out to them that I left the beer fridge at your place on this trip!

We go SKI-ing overseas, so that helps with that aspect.  We're doing as much of that as we can while we can!

There's no way someone can identify that just from the picture.

So, warm and flowers. Hmm


PS: Scratch that, clearly you are happily overseas.

Its a bit like Mudgee too,only closer to the sea.

Hmmm, an ex Greek quarry, now an olive orchard, it looks like, so probably Mediterranean...

Maybe somewhere you already announced you were going. But how many days into trip, what town are you likely to be at?

I must cheat er, look back at your previous postings.


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