Part 2 of my Tour de Euro has commenced, after a week in Copenhagen, where I rode everyday anyway, like a good local.

I set off on Sunday and it has taken 4 days to get here, on way to Berlin on Eurovelo 7.

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If you are good at triangulation this photo might help.

That's a good clue but how far is Bremen? I can't read the sign. And same with Goteborg. The Aussies are asleep and I might get this one before they get up.

Looks like Uni of Rostock to me but are those distances as the crows fly or by road?

Someone put a sticker over the Bremen distance (not me), but you are pretty spot on, its near Universityplatz in Rostock, the main church is behind the sign. A very laid back town with little traffic and lots of cyclists and pedestrian zones.

Hey, I call unfair for posting and solving in different time zones which doesn't give "us Aussies" the chance at the prize.

But on the other hand, that pic is probably NSFW.

Had a good run today on Eurovelo 7, from Gustrov to Waren, through pine forests and fields of barley- queue bono singing- on mainly car free "fahradstrasses". Lots of German tourers heading north,only me heading south.Don't know what that means!
It means it's summer

Not Safe For Work.

Work being a concept which retirement has caused to slip from your mind amidst constant international bicycle tours... ;-)


Only saw one tandem yesterday but they were loving it. Ideal route for them. Thunderstorms this morning, and more expected, but I'm having a day off in Waren.

These two Germans seemed to be enjoying their 1987 tour on a home-made rig in France. You may have spotted their grandchildren, Bob!

Random tandems - girls on front (4)

Now that you have interested us with the pants exposé we need twice daily updates of the journey Bob, ride less, post moore! Wish we were there.

Yes Bob, looks amazing Fun. This is the real way to travel Europe I think:) Enjoy!


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