Part 2 of my Tour de Euro has commenced, after a week in Copenhagen, where I rode everyday anyway, like a good local.

I set off on Sunday and it has taken 4 days to get here, on way to Berlin on Eurovelo 7.

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Bike box found at CDG, hallelujah! Not without some blood pressure raising moments, as I had to try several Air France offices (where bike boxes were supposed to be available) before I located one in Termial 2E. I had a long walk back to terminal 2C for packing and departure. The box was very long and roomy, so bike must have slid around a bit inside. The box had several tears and dints in it on arrival in Sydney, and the dérailleur was poking through one big hole. I feared the worst, but it seems to be OK, just some scratches. I should have packed something in on that side to protect it more, but I was in a rush as time was ticking away to get through the check in.

The box was last off at Sydney, long after everyone else had gone, including my wife, and just as I was about to go to the lost and delayed baggage counter.

Customs didn't even notice as I walked out into the cold Sydney night. A nice blood pressure-lowering ride home, apart from a few moments at the Give Way signs on the Carrington Rd cycle path in Marrickville, where I more or less called the bluff of turning and exiting motorists and kept on riding.
When you get back Bob you might need a bike buddy for a few weeks or one of the council cycling skills courses, wouldn't want you hitting the Sydney streets thinking you were still in a civilised advanced country where the drivers care if they run you over or not.
Went for a ride yesterday in Paris to get back into city jamming mode. Lots of bike paths and marked lanes but you do have to be careful at intersections. Many bicycles, so you can just follow along. Pic of a bike/ bus lane on Rue des Pyranees on way to Bellview, highest point in Paris. We also went on to Pierre La Chaise cemetery with all the famous tombs but bikes are " not possible", so we gave it a miss and had a long downhill to Place Bastille for some traffic watching through this huge round about. Not game to ride it, although lots of local cyclists do battle on it.


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