Somewhere very warm and has flowers that match my bike.

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Pane e acqua, to mention but a couple of staples...

I was going to ask, parli italiano?, Bob, but Peter beat me to it. (You really should, anyway, living in Leichhardt!) 

But I know it's not really that hard even in a country where you don't speak the language. Sign language, charades and lots of pointing fill the gap. If you buy supplies in self-service stores it is pretty much the same as patronising Coles or Woolies. I have always found the rural and small-town citizenry to be friendly, sympathetic towards, and keen to help, cyclists in Europe.

Yes,that is how it is. I have a few words of Italian, and google translate is v useful.The people are marvelous, and I do feel at home.Today there were wattle trees!(u can see some on left of my next Sicilian gate photo,on way to Piazza Armerina)
Well, I made it to Modica today,from Vizzini this morning.One huge hill,which I walked, to avoid a hill town,then some great downhills, and just in time for a panino in Giaterrana before everything shut at 1 again in a warmish afternoon, undulating through fields and olives and hay making.saw some donkeys.also a few roadies out for a ride, wished me good day.nice downhill into Modica, just as I was getting weary.Found a Bed and Bike Pensione,advertised in the main street.Over 500 km up now, and bike going well. Pic of last nights accom at an Agriturismo hotel in Vizzini, where they served me an enormous meal.
First rain of the trip this morn,in Syracusa, and I was only inspecting another Greek quarry.The stone went into the temple they built 2600 yes ago and the pillars are still holding up the Christian Cathedral!
Done riding now,bus up My Etna tomorrow, then train to Palermo for flight north for the next leg, Copenhagen to Paris,by hook or by crook.Some R and R in CH, visiting my son.

When you reach Copenhagen, if time permits, a trip west to the Viking museum at Roskilde is well worthwhile. We did  it by train and it took less than an hour. The town itself is charming, and the opportunity to sail on one of the Viking ships at the museum is not to be missed. I steered the one that we were on and it was just as fast and manouverable as the yacht that I race on at home.

Might cycle there with my son.I've got Danish grandparents and they had a farm to the south of there, have visited the old place on a previous trip, still a farm.
In Palermo tonight, quite a lot of cyclists here, and motorists tolerant, so had a good two hour cycle around the place this evening.

Don't let old Dunc see that picture. He'll just go off about how the council/government spends megabucks on separated cycle facilities and the cyclists just ride in the car lanes.

I was wondering WITWIMB a couple days ago. I made my connection in Rome to Copenhagen, but my bike did not.No bike on arrival.Worried, naturally,but it eventually turned up 24 hours later, delivered to our hotel in CH.

Reassbled bike yesterday and spent the day cycling around with Sam and Elaine, seeing the sights and inspecting the cycle facilities.This one made me homesick.

Oh, that is classic.

Does the RMS get its ideas from CPH after all?

And this one got us thinking


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