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Burley Griffin Way, near Harden.

There's no hill like that!

I want back my 3 minutes of GoogleStreetView time

I am pretty sure that hill has featured in a previous WITCWIMB, Neil will know

Pretty appropriate given the young fogy who made the initiating suggestion

As Bob said...
The hill was on the back road from Young to Cootamundra, near Berthong, and the sign was on the continuation of the Berthong Rd into Coota, just after Olympic Way.

Quite right Bill, you do get to see quite a range of tabledrain conditions biking about trying to find that new WITWIMB scenic point in the world which has not been churned around google maps by the SC community. My report to council will be longer than the days spent riding arourd to find this new spot.
And while I think Bill banked the points, Snowy gets the SC Sherlock Certificate for picking up the “Site Feedback and Suggestions” clue in response to Bobs Young Fogies statement.

When the conversation turns to the best jersey colour to enhance visibility on country roads, (as it often does) some people dismiss my favoured fluro yellow on the basis of it not being suitable when the canola is in bloom, I point out I generally ride on the roads rather than through the fields but baa baa looks to be heading in that direction. Very pretty though , must get out west again soon, been city bound since April. I am sure I have seen that fence line before.

Near Young on the road to Temora?

between Cowra and Canowindra?

So the pic is in this thread of Site Feedback and Suggestions.

Hmm, so my suggestion is mow that grass and get the bulldozer to flatten that hills. And maybe chop some trees if it gets in your way.

And someone should talk to the council about the maintenance of their table drains.

Due to Council budget constraints as it spent the money on overseas extravagant holidays err, work.

Ok, you asked for it so we`ve got a bit of money left over to buy this table drain as a temporary set up.


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