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Looks a bit Ethiopian to me. Or maybe Jamaica, wasn't he the Rastafarian's spiritual leader? I'm going for AddisAbbaBaaBaa or in that general neck of the woods.

A name like  Sokitoomi might not be out of place there. ;-)

Could have been Mal of Blantyre they were playing.

A little bit of googling and it is further south, on a visit to another African State, where he was given a right Royal welcome. Noel, you do get around. It says the place is 6000 feet up, must have been a good ride!

haha yes, somewhat south and yes, quite a climb. A plateau.

Wow, you've made it very easy for the google tourists Mal.

So the answer is?

As close I could get, your bike is on the Zomba Plateau in Malawi, not far from Blantyre.

Here's a nice writeup of the area (with a photo of the sign):

Damn, it must suck to have time to travel everywhere. 

You guys are amazing.

I expect the local authorities are already working on a new sign to go next to the old proclaiming the visit of the King of Cycle Tourers riding his mighty Vivente

Seems best to give Mexico (real one not Victoria) a miss on your next tour

Mexico says round-the-world cyclists were murdered


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