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Oh, great. Thanks, Bill. My son is planning a trip (though not by bicycle) to Mexico and Guatemala later this year...

On the other hand, it can be great. A friend of mine is cycling Alaska to Argentina and has passed through Mexico just fine. You can read his blog here.

They've been every where, man, across the desert sands , man!

id like to see the stats, number of touring cyclists into Mexico, v the number out. It does have a record as a very violent place.

Sorry Neil, looks like a failing state to me, "official" 2017 murders were 25,000 of population 116 million, whereas their Luny northern neighbour (US, IMHO also failing state) had 17,250 of population 315 million (2016 stats), Lynskey, Vivente & Cannondale all said they were not going there so guess neither am I.

And now the animals ( in North America) hate us too

And only 30 km from Seattle! Be like having Grizzlies in the Blue Mountains.


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