So, the bike is the accomodation's. Clue is the very tall island in the background.

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Is that "very tall island in the background" Australia?

Sorry, but I am going to have to pick you up on a couple of things here:

1. This a WITWIMT.

2. How is that in any way a friggin' clue??

You correctly point out it's a trike. Set up for a decent payload too. 

Another clue. May help a surfer.

With the futuristic Tardis in the foreground and being tropical, it can only be UK after global warming!

Yeah, that gives it away. Although I think you're missing an 'oo'. Did you have a paddle?

Bit of a tradition in the WITW threads that you crop off dead giveaway place signs, but well done.

I didn't have a paddle - no board and two little kids tagging along would have made that a challenge. Waves about 6-8 foot. Bit hectic for me these days. Especially in this particular location.

From a cycling perspective, Tahiti seems to be the home of the Salmon Cyclist.

Random guess: Fraser island?

any wipeouts while you were there?

That wave is insane!

Highly recommend "Riding Giants" for those who what to know more.

are helmets compulsory?


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