If you've been to this place, you'll recognise it and be able to give chapter and verse — name of rock, location of rock within park, name of waterway nearby.

If not, you have Buckley's but you might be able to guess which NSW National Park it is in.

*Where In The World Is My Bike And My Wife's Bike And My Wife?

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Thank you Neil, things have been getting far too serious around here. But if it isn't in the central west I don't have a clue, I see you have been using your special ultra low resolution camera. I wonder if the emphasis on "Nowhere near" is a clue? Will have to ponder this.

Sorry, Bill, but no it isn't, except in helping you to eliminate extraneous options.


just checked

so you are wrong twice Neil it is Trunkey Creek and I am not a Kiwi

Oh, sorry, from the way you said Trunkey Creek, I could have sworn...

Anyway, I have it on good authority from the bloke who was with my wife at the time the photo was taken, that neither Trunkey Creek, nor Abercrombie Caves, is/are even on the horizon.

And I am not sure what image you tried to load but I don't think images are loading onto the site at the moment given the struggle I had even to get that lo-res WITWIMBAMWBAMW image up.

Where is Damo when we need him?

Sawn Rocks @ Mt Kaputar NP near Rocky Creek.


Cold. (Actually, baa baa was warmer.)

Dont worry Dabba, Trunkey Creek is the answer and Trunkey Creek is cold!

That's good, central west, I haven't made it to Trunkey Creek yet, but nearby at Hobbys Yards, 10 km north, will have to go there to see that interesting rock formation.


What can we deduce, "closer to Trunkey creek than Rocky Creek", and it's a NSW National Park and it has a notable (?) "waterway" nearby (he said "waterway", not river / lake, is that significant?. If we start drawing circles around the aforementioned creeks we should then be able to exclude north-eastern bit of the state, doesn't look like the north-western bit so lets concentrate on the southern half of the state. And the rock has a name?

"Will be able to give chapter and verse", is Neil telling us there is poetry involved or a great Australian novel?

Or is he being misleading?

Shouldn't be too hard then?

Yes, the rock has a name. The waterway nearby, which happens to be a tributary of the Macquarie River, has several names that I know of, two of which are European, one of which is Aboriginal.

There is no poetry directly involved, nor a great Australian novel, unless it's the one I will write before I die.

I would never intentionally mislead you, Bill. You seem to be doing that pretty well by yourself. ;-)


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