Loads of clues.

Shouldn't be too hard.

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Basically weather permitting there are free bikes (Normal bikes, children bikes and tandems),  to ride around the closed road about the Imperial Palace on Sundays between 10am - 3pm 

You can rock up with your own bikes too, and there were loads of ebikes with kids , minivelos, foldies and your usual suspects of roadies.

Google maps spot

Google search of free sunday cycling Tokyo turns up this video too - pretty accurate (minus the Sakura flowers)

Oh yes, that's the the reason why it's was : WITWIMBB : where in the world is my Borrowed* bike.

@baabaa : what would I give to have such photoshop skills! 


How did you get access to my Dropbox?

I think we have to call in the WITWIMB Chief Steward for an inquiry, SCs Fine Cotton

Inquiry? How about about I release my power meter data more photos instead? 

Tourists and locals lining up for their tandem

Hmmm... is the basket, heels and handbag enough handicap for the boys in this scratch race? 

A young child gliding in happily to return a bike

Family transport vehicle and a picnic


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