Where in the world is my complimentary bike?

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The Thai royal summer palace at Ayyuthaya.

OK, second guess. I have very fond memories of Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) in Bangkok, but I don't remember there being any bikes around there.

I'd visited Wat Arun during a previous trip ... and Trip Advisor indicates some parts of it is under construction currently.
I'll add to this.
Like Bang Pa In; this place was visited by Queen Elizabeth II

Complimentary bike? I think each and every bike around the world is worthy of praise..But re the quiz, dunno not Bangkok but please go slow PT and family! I would not be keen on taking a spill on those concrete pentagons, if so, you would invent some new fancy type of gravel rash.

Does TC have one of these Wats yet?

Two have been commissioned as part of the TC international convention centre.
As far as I know the next three are planned as part of the waterfall and tropical bird house project* on the southern side of the of the TC parking station (best viewed from the second and third floors) * delayed due to the residents group with some petty complaint in regard to possible red macaw squawkings.

Presumably the statues of Buddha will be covered from gold mined in the area!

Thanks BaaBaa.
Most riding was on the road, not on the pavement where the greater danger was letting the bike roll into the khlong when parking the bike.

Oh, that reminds me, PT and family even rode on the roads of Bangkok (without helmets) and my wife pretty much refuses to ride on Sydney roads

I've returned to Bangkok a few times since I worked there in 2001 and the city traffic and number of people in the streets seemed to have diminished. Some of that can be attributed to them moving people further out of the city and the better public transport. One of my regular pleasures was riding the river and khlong ferries. 

Based on the QE2 comment, could it be one of the royal palaces in Bangkok, although it doesn't look like any that I saw. That temple in the background does look familiar from one of my more recent trips though. However, on those we visited Phuket and Chiang Mai where less salubrious palaces could be expected, but I don't remember seeing any. However, on a trip to Hua Hin during 2001 we came across a royal motorcade heading in that direction. All traffic ahead of it in that direction was cleared for several kilometers. 

Not in Bangkok itself, it's about an hour away.

It's Ancient Siam / Mueang Boran : http://www.ancientcitygroup.net/ancientsiam/en

When the trip was first proposed, it seemed to me it was like any tacky-and-to-be-missed miniature city park, however delving deeper, what was originally a theme park golf course concept was turned into a park for preserving Thai heritage, culture etc - the story of the history and founder itself is worth a read.

Anyway, what really attracted me of course was the complimentary bike included with the ticket entry

There were easily 250 bicycles available, and for a 200-acre space, you'll need it! (or you could take in your own car for a price or rent a golf buggy)  

1972, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej opened the newly-built park whilst welcoming the first visit of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to the country.

from : http://www.bangkokpost.com/print/445077/


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