Where in the world is my complimentary bike?

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Ah yes! Samut Prakhan. We visited there on our last trip too! We had a taxi driver try to con us. We were leaving to catch the Skytrain back to Saphan Taksin and we needed a taxi to get us to the closest station. Fortunately my partner told him to turn on the meter. He had the meter covered and it already had about THB400 on it. So, then I turned on my GPS, and it became a case of "why are you taking us away from the station"? Then it was "I have no change", so we shortchanged him because we didn't have any either, and he'd taken us out of our way. This was by far my worst ever dealing with the many shysters in Bangkok streets. I hope that you enjoyed the place. I do! They are lovely people - mostly!

There is a multi headed elephant temple that is associated with this park and is probably 5-10kms closer to Bangkok. I think that it's called Erewan Temple. That was also worth a look.

One bit of news for people familiar with the 10 biscuits among driver/pedestrian/cyclist analogy.

Same thing is happening with the Bangkok's street food stalls - they are apparently supposed to be cleared by end of the year as it's causing too much conflict for pedestrians. Of course the authorities cite orderliness and hygiene as reasons, but hey, tourists can get that from the Singapore scene 



some back pedaling there to temper the uproar...

... although, quietly some sort of revamp is still on the cards



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