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Here is the reverse view, only because John Knight demanded to see sun glinting off titanium in the morning.

what's your rear derailleur?

It's an extra-long-arm Deore XT.

Does that mean that the stories that we've been fed about Shimano MTB components not being compatible with their road components may not be completely correct?

Shifting with the Ultegra brifters, "Ride On" cable system and this derailleur is superb.

Also I can't recall ever having any problems mixing and matching road and MTB bits. Nick Payne did mention the other day during our Mt Stanley ride that Shimano's new electronic MTB shifting system is not compatible with the existing Di2 electronic road system.

I don't think that particular "problem" is ever likely to worry a Luddite late-adopter like me.

Had I been told that when I built up my Backroad, I probably would have gone for the brifters rather than the bar-cons and brakes.  I think that the brake specific levers that I've got on the Backroad have much more power on the cable disc brakes than the Ultegra brifters do on my Sportive.  Brifters would be nice for touring too, but stopping with less hand pressure is probably more important!

Enjoy your new toy!  :-)

Very nice!

Very nice!

I have to say that effort put into colour coordination has payed off! Superb!

That could be my favourite hill. Long shady stretches, Not really any boring bits on the way up. With a fabulous descent that has a perfect surface and good vision - better than Falls Creek!?!? 

Yes, it is a nice surface though storms have left a lot of vegetation and other debris on it at the moment which gives some cause for caution on the bends.

And there is far too much traffic using it - both bicycle and motorised - given the pretty-much-total lack of anything up there.

Definitely my favourite in the Vic Alps.  No silly gradients, nice sinuous curves, interesting and varied scenery.

Allows you to opt in or out of the hurt box.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the no crazy steep bits part of it. You do see riders on commuters and MTBs up the top. Nice..

My Garmin registered 13% on the first part of the climb just past the National Park entry gate. It was such a brief registration that I suspect it was apocryphal.

That short section up towards Eurobin Falls Picnic Area has rather more 10-11% gradient than I like, though. After that it eases to no more than 8% for almost the entire rest of the 20-odd km climb.

No Megs or WTFs!
If the 10-11% bit was just a few km from the chalet somebody would have given it a bad name!

Any idea who (The) Meg was?
Can't have been good!


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