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The Meg. There was a mine there (gold), at some point, in the valley, 350 m to the south of there; ie. at "The Meg" sign, the road is heading south, but goes sharply to the left soon after, the old mine would be in the valley, pretty much straight ahead from the sign. The name of that mine was "Mons Meg Mine". 

CRB (Country Roads Board) Hill and Diamantina (named after a hut there) are much harder than the Meg. At the top of Diamantina you're at 1820 metres, on the highest paved road in the land.

Thank you Josh!
That's cleared that one up :-)
More sensible than I thought it was going to be!
Damned handsome looking bike, red bar tape would be nice

Pffft. Meg hardly worth worrying about. 300m @ 11% is over very quickly.

CRB Hill, on the other hand, and at the other end of the climb, is 11% for at least a kilometre when you are feeling most b#ggered. Then there is a descent followed by a two km climb of at least 8% and rising to 10% in places.

I just rode up there, and coming down the Garmin registered 78.9km/h with me just rolling through the sweeping bends. The Lynskey felt perfectly stable. Its handling inspires confidence and the Schwalbe 25mm slick tyres hold the road well while offering excellent ride comfort.

Hotham is only on the 250 and 300 isn't it? You didn't participate in any of the AAC rides today?

(Unless you finished the ACE250 already!)

CRB Hill - I think the fact that you can see it snaking steeply left right left right up the hill makes it worse. It freaked me out a little the morning I did it.

I have not descended Mt Hotham down the front. This November the talk is that we will ride the ACE250 route in reverse, so I'll do it then. 78.5kmh is a healthy speed for your first week on the new machine!

Dinner Plain to Omeo our whole group (15 or more) all cracked 84kmh. My old Litespeed felt solid as a rock. It was strangely calm and seemed slower due to the perfectly smooth fine chip road. Why the F can't we get just one road like this around Sydney?    

Your mention of Dinner Plain to Omeo brought back memories of a tour that I did a few years ago through that area.  It was on my way from Lithgow to Orbost, and it was through some lovely country.  I found the eerie silence along the high plains between DP and Omeo was disconcerting, as were the magpie attacks.  You could see them line up about a km on the southern side of the road and then attack with a strafing run as you past through their territory, and then they'd hand you onto the next one as you left their territory, who then did the same attack pattern.

The long descents with touring gear on from DP > Omeo > Swifts Creek for that day were a hoot!  Heated up rims from braking were a bit of a concern in places.

Nice Lynksys NA (as I have said b4) but how do the specs compare with my Baum?

Baum Wills Ti frame with IF steel fork, Chris King headset, front and rear Tubus racks and mudgard eyes.

Handbuilt wheels with Chris King ISO hubs 28 / 32H. HED Arden Rims 28 / 32H

Shifters: Shimano Ultegra 10 speed (I already owned the Ultegra 6703 pair)

Front deuraillieur: Ultegra 6703 (already owned the Ultegra 6703)

Crank: Shimano XT (M770 22/32/44T)

Rear deurailleur: SRAM X0 10 speed (note Shimano won't accommodate a 36T cassette)

Rear cassette:  SRAM PG1050 (or 1070) 11-36T

To make the X0 deurailleur compatible with the 6703 shifter you will need one of these;

Shiftmatestraight #6S http://jtekengineering.com/shiftmatestraight.php  because of the different cable pull ratios.

Shimano XT M780 triple chainset 42:32:24

Mechanical discs (TRP SPYRE SLC 160mm rotor)

Crank Brothers Candy pedals

Continental Contact II Touring Bike tyres

Def NOT trying to be competitive - just checking that you didn't copy!  ;-)

Not that I am being competitive or anything, MdV, but my Lynskey Ti frame is bigger. It also has rack eyelets. 

Fork is "Bontrager Race" carbon fibre, with eyelets for guards. Headset: Chris King

Wheels: 32H H Plus Son rims with black spokes, Ultegra hubs, Schwalbe Ultremo DD 25mm tyres

Brakes: Ultegra dual-pivot calipers 

Shifters: Ultegra 2-/10-speed brifters

Derailleurs: Front Ultegra / rear Deore XT extra-long-arm (No Sram rubbish)

Crankset: Velo Orange (TA-style) 46/30

Cassette: Shimano 11-36

Pedals: Shimano Ultegra

Ergo, similarity to your machine: Minimal ;-)

46/30 and 11/36?


For when a compact crankset is not enough.

I have ideas of using this bike, fitted with rack and rear panniers only, for light touring trips in mountainous regions.

Decided a triple was too complicated...

Seeing that we are just doing titanium now:

Van Nicholas Euros, VNT carbon fork, no muddie eyelets or anything wussie like that.

Wheels: 32H DT Swiss RR585 to Miche Racing Box self-built wheels. Now have 25mm GatorSkins on them, so ignore photo.

Brakes: V(an)N(icholas)T(echnologies) (probably Tektro, like most brakes are).

Shifters: Campagnolo Veloce (2010 - apparently they are better than the 2011+ current range)

Derailleurs: Front Shimano CX-70 / Rear Campagnolo Veloce short.

Crankset: Sugino OX601D 46/30

Cassette: Campagnolo Veloce 13-29 (have a Centaur 12-30 for when it wears out, or I decide I need faster and slower but hypothetically potentially slightly apparently less efficient).

Pedals: Shimano R520

Similarity to your machine: Surprising ;)

Just an audax/long distance bike. Would be very avg for touring as I cannot put a rack on it.

I also decided a triple was too complicated. And too expensive because I'd have to buy a whole new drive train.

Nice Simon,

You must save this one for the big rides huh?

And another Ti frame while we're at it -

My 1999 Litespeed Natchez

With original Look HSC fork - cut unfortunately short in years gone by ....

That's all there is of the original bike.

Zipp SSR bar with 3T stem

Thompson setback seat post with stupid bendy seat

All driveline upgraded last October to complete SRAM Force 22 groupset with Red crankset.

Front - 50/34

Rear - 11/28

Ultegra pedals

Chinese carbon bottle cages

Fulcrum Racing 5 bargain wheelset

Now with Michelin Pro4 23mm tyres


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