WITWIT*B? At 139 Megalong St, Leura NSW. Obviously.

*T = This, because it's not mine.

Good luck, suckers.

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Hydrangeas indicate an alkaline soil. And probably NSW ? coastal, due greenness. Somehow thinking North Coast or some sleepy village around Southern Highlands, tho no luck with antique shop search. Looks long defunct anyway, but how come the bike is still there? 

Yes, soil is alkaline. Damn, what a giveaway.

Yes, it's in NSW. 

No, it's not coastal.

All right, because I am a really nice guy, I will give you another view of the bicycle, its environment and its companions. This will give the whole game away, for sure.

Nup, nothing. Calling on all relatives of Charlotte Crofts to come forward. Maybe could do a search on Births Deaths and Marriages.

The colour of the Hydrangeas flower tells you the acidity of the soil but there's no flower 

I was only bluffing. 



May Gibbs House North Sydney.

Here's the street scene.

Suddenly twigged- Blue Mtns, Leura. Megalong St.  It was the commercial buildings just visible on the right, which I vaguely recalled from a ride from Katoomba, plus the old weather board houses  and what looks like a stone wall outside a church a bit further up, which is in fact St Albans Church, Leura.

Bloody hell. Well spotted. I debated whether to crop the buildings out, but even I can only be so cruel...

OK then, what number Megalong St?  :-)


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