Just catching up, since it's a slightly damp day here. That third W stands for "was" as this ride was the week before last, but a couple of clues along the way to see if anyone can work out where I was and where I rode to:

With apologies to the auto-rotation (the photo I uploaded was correctly orientated - and it wasn't *that* windy!)

Once again, rotate left - Strava route builder said this, which was a right-turn off the long farm driveway, was a bike path in to the next town. And it turned out Strava was correct.

Yep, you know what to do...

A couple of other clues:

  • Photos are in chronological order
  • Total ride distance was about 140km, total elevation about 500m and one of the highest points was the bridge across to the island, as it was over a shipping lane
  • Or as the locals would say, "HIVVMC?"

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I'm gunna go out on a limb and say it starts with 'D'.

Now that I've done the heavy lifting, Bill and baa baa can argue over the finer points such as what sort of tank and missile that is.

My guess is it is a Leopard 1 -  1A4  or 1 A5 variant.

And the missile looks like a early 1960s MIM 3 Nike Ajax

Wow, are you guys also members of Sydneycoldwarmilitaryhardware.com too? ;-)

Could be a crop of barley and the tabledrains look well engineered so...
the border towns of the EuroVelo 7 ?
And Neil, I would never be that rude to call the bike sus has, a tank.

I though the table drains looked first rate as well, local council certainly has gone a good job although the giant ice age grader went through there 30,000+ years ago and did an excellent levelling job of the entire country, not like in those lumpy Alps regions

Levelled most of it - the only "hill" (& I use that term loosely, especially coming from NZ and more recently, having arrived here via the Dolomites) is the moraine end from said last ice age.

Definitely D, now which part? Although that in itself isn't an easy question, as we spent a week tripping around much of this D country and I can tell you the scenery doesn't change much - lots of crop fields punctuated by ~300 farming villages with thatched roof houses.

Of course Neil probably hasn't been there for a while and may not realise the Democratic Republic of Gremany does not exist any more.

Don't forget that this D-country borders the other D-country and part of this D-country was once part of the other D-country (i.e. said border has moved - more than once)!

Just don't try carrying those flodebolle in the back pockets

Flødebolle don't tend to last that long, for all kinds of reasons...


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