Just catching up, since it's a slightly damp day here. That third W stands for "was" as this ride was the week before last, but a couple of clues along the way to see if anyone can work out where I was and where I rode to:

With apologies to the auto-rotation (the photo I uploaded was correctly orientated - and it wasn't *that* windy!)

Once again, rotate left - Strava route builder said this, which was a right-turn off the long farm driveway, was a bike path in to the next town. And it turned out Strava was correct.

Yep, you know what to do...

A couple of other clues:

  • Photos are in chronological order
  • Total ride distance was about 140km, total elevation about 500m and one of the highest points was the bridge across to the island, as it was over a shipping lane
  • Or as the locals would say, "HIVVMC?"

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I like fast sailing boats and fast bikes Bill. Not those oil painting things either!  :-)


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