This piece makes a good point.

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The linked article contrasting the language used when non-pedestrians or other road users are killed/mained by driver is very good as well

PS: Great link , and I would have replied earlier if The p wasn't harassing me

The comments are good too. Cars and trucks do kill sometimes, or maybe it is the vehicle designers, or was it the bureaucrats who set the standards, or fail to enforce safety laws, or was it us who allowed the whole motorised society to take over?

BikePortland is really a terrific blog. Sydney needs its own version....we need a citizen journalist as dedicated and talented as Jonathon Maus.

The truck driver is "traumatised" and "very upset", and has undergone mandatory drug and alcohol testing but is yet to be formally interviewed, she said.

Now charged with dangerous and negligent driving occasioning death, acc to SMH. Nasty narrow bit of a side access road  with a corner where it looks like people cross to a set of steps down to the main road. 

Noted.  The truck was owned by URM.  I noticed recently that JJ Richards are updating their fleets.  The cab now has glass all round so the driver can see all angles at front view.  I'm not sure about the rear though.  Do they have full surround reversing nd side cameras?   Those trucks have to operate in a lot of confined spaces in high density population areas.  It appears that the reversing horn is all that most have.  As we all know trucks have lots of blind spots.

The garbos standing on the back steps on the truck keep a good watch when the truck is reversing! Or they should, risky spot for them.  Saw a truck turn up Lamb St the other day just in front of a boy riding on the footpath. No harm in this case but if truck had been a second or two later. (last bit of video)

And also in the news, the driver in the Caringbah pedestrian fatality got 31 months. Went through a red arrow and on his own admission did not look to see if anyone on the side crossing. Others might have claimed SMIDSY but he seemed to have been  be totally honest in his statements.

No garbo on a lot of wheeliebin contractor trucks, just the bin crane and the driver. 

There was a fatality in a suburban "court" dead end with a similar truck and a boy on a bicycle some years ago for which there is a police report somewhere out there on the internet, the truck had a reversing camera, they won't prevent a truck reversing into a moving object.  Also I've not recently seen a garbage truck that wasn't an auto, they change direction right away.

Police inspected trucks at URM depots this week.  Lots (most) 25 of 26 of the trucks with deficient speed limiters, plus the usual list of defects.

too little, too late. But it was the driver in this case it seems, don't know what he was alleged to have done but police were quick to lay charges.

For a general critique of how ingrained thinking about traffic and (excessive) mobility prevent a better approach to road safety see

Some very tough words and solutions towards the end. 


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