They caught this guy when i was in Toronto

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From what i heard they used to steal bikes in montreal then take them to Toronto and sell them while stealing them in Toronto to take them back to Montreal to sell also.
(my bike got stolen in Montreal but i didn't find it amongst the piles of bikes)

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What is it with the vocal style so many women presenters use these days, the "croak in the throat" thing.

Is it an attempt to get lower notes for gravitas? Surely not in this case.

Croak croak croak....
She sounds like she must work a late night phone line in her spare time.
(pack a ciggies a day to keep the husk)
Apart from the voice, the whole thing seems targeted at an audience all suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Is all North American television like that?
I had a bike stolen from Pitt St, Sydney a few years ago. Two guys used an angle grinder to cut through the sign post it was chained to, then threw the bike in the back of their ute and drove off. Nobody bothered to get their numberplate, the whole thing took less than two minutes.


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