An article from the bbc website, with questions valid for Sydney


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That first article discusses some very good points. I thought the following was particularly apt:

"Personal protective equipment is the very last step in creating a safe system.....Take aviation, maritime and rail, the starting point for every (safety) aspect of that system is the driver will make mistakes. It's insane that we utterly ignore human fallibility [for cars and cycling]. If we really are serious about trying to make cycling part of our culture, either the cars have to be tamed, or the cyclists have to be segregated"

and lastly.....

"A sensible cyclist - and there are some fools out there - has pretty much done all he or she can do for their safety,"

Yes.The safety gear is the last line of defence.

The absolute first thing that needs to be done for our safety is to treat text driving like drink driving. This needs to happen right now. It is becoming an epidemic.

Only yesterday in WA, yet another cyclist was cleaned up from behind by a suspected texting driver. Straight road, perfect conditions, cyclist fighting for her life.


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