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"Tony" is another intelligent respondent.

He thinks that, by allowing cyclists on the road, "we are pampering to a minority."

Can't pamper any minorities, can we? Hell, doing something like that might lead to... asylum-seeking detainees in mosquito-infested NT gaols ... sorry... facilities being provided with insect repellent (news story, yesterday).

Ah, Australia. Such a caring society.

Does pampering to a minority involve adult diapers at some point?

neil, is it only an urban myth that the newly renovated barracks at mosman / middle head are going to be used for asylum seekers?? am sure there no mozzies there.

Bogan is apparently in the throes of being declared a pandemic, the WHO just needs to agree on terminology.

i do love the manly daily for a good laugh. i always enjoy "skimming" all the "worthy" news they cover....


i cycle down spit hill at 6.15am most mornings on my commute and can say the bus lane is always clear except for the occasional bus or law breaking single occupant driver ( sod ) in their car who should not be in the transit lane....I'm not slowing anyone down at 60-70 kmh.....


some great responses in/to the article there...thanks guys


it gets so busy from 7am onwards that a bike would not slow anyone down. and who cycles up spit hill? we all take parriwi road.


and going home, it's parriwi road downhill ( i do see occasional people cycling down the spit ) but its cars and buses, particularly the sod's slowing themselves down....


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