yes you read that correctly, I want your old ayup batteries, the ones that don't last long enough anymore. I won't pay a huge amount of money for them but more than you will get for todssing them into a battery recycle facility.

You know your lithium batteries only have a 2 year shelf life don't you? well they do. That is after 2 years even if you do not use them they will only hold 80% of the original capacity. And their original capacity is rarely what is stated on the battery case. If 80% still gets you home at night, great, but if it is not quite achieving the time you want, say if you are doing an Audax outing or the Newcastle Overnight ride then I'll take that battery off of you hands.

You can use the money I send you and go and buy a new one from Ayup, or you can wait a bit and I may have a repackaged battery up for sale some time soon. At this moment I cannot guarantee that service but I'm working on it.

There is also the possiblilty that if what I'm working on succeeds then I'll have battery packs that have a far greater run time than your current battery.

As a background, I've designed smart battery packs, those that report true battery capacity, since 1999. Back in 2000 I designed and sold a charger that could talk to a chip on a battery pack and charge that battery according to the battery capacity and chemistry. I could write a whole lot on this but most people's eyes just glaze over and I see they want to get away from the battery geek.

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I've got some... Need to upgrade before the Mont 24 in April, so may as well send them to a good home!

How can I get them to you?

I'll PM you.


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