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If this is the spot marked on the map there is a clearly marked raised pedestrian crossing.

I roll past there quite often with my youngster and we have plenty of motorists fail to giveway.

So sad, so unnecessary and so callous.


The police have released an image of the vehicle. That is some significant damage at the front...

Follow-up articles mention the rider was struck from behind - just mental that this can happen.


Horrible. I work near there, and ride nearby streets regularly.

Being hit from behind is now the thing I fear the most. 10 years ago, I feared it the least - for all the lack of attention drivers pay to their environment, it used to be a reasonable assumption that they were at least looking at what was directly in front of them, even if they never glanced to the sides or used their mirrors.

But now, with so many motorists distracted by screens (both their phones, and the screens built into their cars) this is no longer a safe assumption. Drivers regularly drive for 30-50m at a time without looking out of the windscreen.

It is a real worry.

Driverless cars might not be perfect but I'm wondering if they will be better. Certainly in this case.

Yes, if only they can be programmed to be “nice”, ie be able to let you in at a merge or want to get into a right turn lane etc. Drivers now can flash their lights or back off and wave you in etc (I know, not many do!), will AVs be programmed to do that? No sweat off the computers nose, and hopefully all the passengers inside will be on their iPhones or having a cone or whatever. Seems to be more chance that they will try to get cyclists off the roads.

Appears that someone has been charged.

Would like to know what she was thinking......

The woman allegedly left the scene, but attended Auburn Police Station on Friday afternoon.

pissed at the time?

Highly likely.

What could the alternative be to some form of intoxication? I can't think of any.


ah..., she thought she'd get away with it?:

Homicide: for instance the cyclist possibly owed her drug money. Or money for sex.

The reversing over part tips my mind into that realm.


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