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The driver got bail ! She ran the bicycle rider down, dragged the bike (and rider) for 50m, reversed over the rider and drove off, "thought it was just a pole", reinforces our respect for motor vehicle drivers, the law and the courts

Yes she got bail on $10,000 surety.

In contrast the man who is alleged to have caused the M4 fatality did not get bail (from what I have read).

It seems inconsistent but for the fact that this lady got herself a good lawyer and her story straight before going to NSW Police.


My thoughts at the time I read this. Would like to know the reasons why bail/no bail in the 2 cases.

BNSW confirmed that she surrendered her drivers licence - so perhaps she is no longer considered a threat to the community. That's all I've got.

Terrible optic - if it was any other means used to kill a random person and you would not be getting bail.


Because she could never drive without her license

What the hell!

I have had friends from other Asian countries tell me something similar in their country.  Again more expensive to maintain an injured person and of course backhanders to assist relevant parties.

I too conscious of this, hence not naming the specific country. 

yeh - I wasn't going to go there.. but as a prosecutor, you'd want to do your research on the acussed.

I didn't want to go there either  - there is a racist overtone to making the connection, given it is entirely speculative. And for that I apologise.

But when I saw that link on social media, it did bring me up short - as the part of this I least understand is how or why you would reverse over something you had hit in your car - whatever it was. Who hits something, wonders what it was, and then deliberately drives over it again without checking? Someone who is hoping to do more damage to their car, perhaps?


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