The evidence is in: cars are a risk to public health, and we need to find alternatives. University of Huddersfield lecturer in transport Alexandros Nikitas investigates.

Road traffic accidents are the number one cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds. If no action is taken, it is predicted that road traffic will kill as many as 1.9m people worldwide per year by 2030. Add to this the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution, chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes and rising levels of obesity, and a future full of cars looks bleak indeed.

These are the concerns underpinning European Mobility Week – an annual campaign, which began in 2002 – to promote sustainable forms of urban transport. This year, more than 1,700 local authorities from 42 different countries play host to a range of public events such as bicycle masses, talks and seminars about green mobility patterns, walk-to-school initiatives and many other public activities to support the uptake of sustainable and active travel.

(from Rail Express)

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Good luck with convincing most people their car is bad for them ... To get an idea of the magnitude of the task here's an actual post on Facebook today in response to a road rage incident in which one driver tried to beat up another driver while stuck in Sydney traffic ...

"Jas I agree with you. You can this obey the law. But trust me traffic on m4 sucks. In morning towards city and evening to wards home. 36 kilometres. Some time takes me 2.5 hours That sucks we are in Sydney And all drivers pays fortunes for green sleep Insurance etc. we need more roads"


14km/hr. yes we need more roads, so we can go 14km/hr.

Oh and it is complete crap motorists pay a lot in tolls, or taxes.

Youth suicide takes more lives than road traffic accidents in Australia.  And even that is insignificant compared to the number of people in the world dying from starvation and preventable diseases. 

Sure, we need to do what we can about every problem we face.  But let's keep it in perspective.


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