Warning, link to Terror Article, absurdity follows...

So, in summary the article is a twaddle piece by the terror highlighting that younger drivers believe older drivers are dangerous and vice versa. No surprises there, just another  round of the ever popular game of scapegoat and fingerpoint.

What disturbs me is the citing of a Newspoll survey conducted on behalf of GIO insurance that indicates 54% of respondents (No survey sample size or details provided) rate CYCLISTS AS THE MOST DANGEROUS ROAD USERS. (apologies for shouting).

I thought it might interest the forum to know that over half of a surveyed sample of road users believe that Cyclists are the biggest danger on the roads. Discuss or post your incredulity below.

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I can only say thing...





Because really, there's no point trying to be sensible about it. 

I’m still shaking my head and I read this in print over 2 hours ago. (Yes, I am still washing my hands after having touched a copy of the terrorgraph. I fear they may never be completely clean again)

<Pedant Alert>

I can only say thing…???

I can say only one thing..


I can say one thing only...

</Pedantism> :)




Dangerous to ourselves for daring to ride a bike amongst the likes of the people mentioned in the article? Probably.

Yeah thats what I was thinking

Sadly I think you may be correct in that SubOp. I am following up with GIO as they are one of the companies that takes my money. >:(

took your money?

Will add GIO to my list of do not use along with NRMA.


GIO spokesman Duncan Bone said safety on the road meant drivers had to have trust in others.

"Ultimately the only actions we can control are our own," he said.

"People need to concentrate more on their own driving."

Well said Duncan.

And in another news flash, 100% of drivers don't think of themselves as being dangerous...

Holy shiznit!

As they say, it was a.... Fiat of rage.


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