Look who's on the front page of tomorrow's North Shore Times, a copy of which fortuitously dropped into my clutches today. (Amazingly efficient, those delivery people on their trusty bikes.)

The story inside is headed "Wheels have fallen off bike plan; cyclists are going nowhere fast" and suggests that bicycle advocates will die of old age before Lane Cove Council's bicycle plan becomes a reality.

"They say if current spending levels of about $100,000 per year continue, the 10-year plan will blow out to 42 years.

"However, a Lane Cove Council spokeswoman said there were now new funds available for the plan which was signed off in 2009.

" 'Ideally we believe it will be completed in five to seven years, taking into consideration some of the bicycle paths would be incorporated in other infrastructure projects,' she said. '(Allocating more funds) would be determined every year as part of the yearly budget where the bicycle plan funding competes with many other council projects.'

"Former Bicycle NSW vice-president from Greenwich, Russell Webber, said the current level of spending was 'very disappointing' but said the council's infrastructure levy was an opportunity to fund the plan. 'It's intriguing the council goes through the process and finalises a bike plan and the next thing is they don't fund it adequately,' he said.

" 'I'd be pushing up daisies (in 42 years).'

"Greens councillor Keith McIlroy said requests for more funding were voted down in previous budget discussions.

" 'We don't need to rely on funds from other infrastructure projects -- we have money stuck in the bank doing nothing,' he said.

" 'We are facing gridlock in Lane Cove with increases in dwellings.' "

Readers are invited to say what they think of bike facilities in Lane Cove at northshoretimes.com.au

You are also invited to add your opinion here. And not just about Lane Cove...

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fantastic photo....very funny. and great to see cumberland press actually running a good story for a change.


my local, the manly daily, is a terrible rag of a paper also run by cumberland ( which is owned by News Ltd ), so no surprises there...



MD goes straight from the box to the bin, gave up on it many years ago.

Neil, you've pixelated the "C****** scoop purchase $15,888" front page ad, which based on the logo I'm assuming is the boys from the bush - who happen to be big supporters of cycling!

(Hint: squint at pixelated pictures and somewhat counterintuitively they easier to read/view).

Funny, that. I don't think car advertising is appropriate on this forum. As was discussed at length in a recent thread.

Thanks for reinserting it. NOT.

Neil, surely you could have simply trimmed the image? Would have been a lot easier, yes?

Well, he surely *will* be pushing something if he intends to try cycling in/with an armchair... :-)

The way it is going there will be more bikes than cars anyway. I come off Kurraba Rd in the morning and invariably see constant bikes coming down Wycombe and then Ben Boyd. When I get to the Bridge there are even more from the other side.

My only qualification is that 80% of them vanish on rainy days. Perhaps the road bikes are too skittish on wet leaves etc.

Other side?

Most of the bikes I see with tyres greater than 23mm use the west of Spit and north of Military road routes. Most of these are also true believes of the mudguard so rain means you still ride but you may get wet.

I ride the "other side" (because I'm not going to the city) and I see far less cyclists when it rains (or even has been raining).

I do however have muddies and 28mm tyres.

I am puzzled about the magnitude of the decline in commuting in Sydney when it looks a bit rainy. I ride every single day and find it to be quite ok. I just wonder how the people who don't ride get to their destinations. I have no alternative.

Some may have the option of not going at all, or delaying their journey or...

I too was puzzled about the lack of cyclists this morning when I was going south over the bridge at about 7.30am. Where did they all go? Im used to masses of cyclists.


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