YOUR Help Needed: Council Votes Today on MTB Park for Northern Beaches - send an email...

From SNORC: 

Do you want a purpose built bike park on the Northern Beaches – one that is dedicated to mountain biking? We need your help and a call to action to pick up your pens and write to some politicians. This is your opportunity to ensure that the Northern Beaches has a dedicated off road bike riding facility, but it won’t happen unless you show your support. Without your action, this facility will be doomed. The Council vote is on May 27 so don’t delay!

The issues behind the Belrose Bike Park are now starting to firm up. There is a DA for its use as a bike park and Council will be meeting on the 27th May to vote on whether it will support the facility – at present it does not have the required number of votes. The issue at the heart of this is that current estimates indicate around $200k of annual costs for maintenance and Council are reluctant to take on further recreational costs if there is little perceived support from the community.

The park and its trails will be designed to best practice and while not rivalling Stromlo will be an exciting venue. The costs of construction of the trails will be met out of the budgets for the Belrose tip site remediation budgets. There is the prospect of a substantial downhill and cross country bike facility being established. It isn’t often that a 35 hectare site comes onto the market.

Map of the proposal is shown above. It essentially involves various trails of varying difficulty from beginner to advanced. A more indepth report can be found at this link:

The positives for the facility are:
1- It will be the only dedicated mountain biking and CX facility in the Sydney Metropolitan area of any length. (There is a small park in Hornsby)
2- It will be able to cater for all types of riders and permit club and open mountain bike and cyclocross races.
3- It will be a facility that can be used by schools for training as part of their sports programs.
4- It can be used by bike suppliers and distributors for Demo days within a controlled space.
5- The Park has the potential to have facilities including toilets, retail, cafe/coffee van, mountain bike club house and storage facility.
6- The park will encourage riders off exiting illegal trails.
7- The park has the potential to link into the Manly Dam / Bantry Bay trails and link via Cascades trail.

It is important that club members write to council and to all councillors to support this proposal, otherwise it will be fenced off and mowed 6 times a year with no public access. This will mean that the growing number of riders will be forced to use the dwindling available trails for their off road riding. If we do not show our support for this project, it is currently doomed for failure.

The Northern Beaches has no purpose built cycling facilities. With space at an absolute premium on the Northern Beaches this is the only viable proposal in the short and long term. If we lose this option, there are very few other options in the future.

The potential size and uniqueness of the facility will make it a draw card for riders from all over Sydney, but it needs your support – we aren’t asking you to give up a weekend, just your time to pen a letter of support to Council. This will be a place for children to learn to ride and adults to ride and race. Please show your support and spread the word.

Please email the Council: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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I am writing to express strong support for the MTB park proposal in Belrose. This is a once in a generation opportunity to provide a fantastic community facility and a great legacy for the future generations.

You only have to look at the outstanding success of similar facilities at Mt Stromlo in Canberra and the Old Man's Valley facility in Hornsby. Both are fantastic community facilities that are greatly enjoyed by the community, with the rate of uptake exceeding all expectations. Our neighbours in NZ are doing even better with "world's best" facilities in Rotorua and Queenstown.

The experience of these other venues shows that this is an activity which is rapidly growing in popularity and attracts a diverse range of age groups. It allows a family to cycle together in an area completely devoid of motor traffic.

It is an important part of a council's role to provide and manage recreational facilities in the community it serves. If there is nothing provided, society as a whole suffers. We often hear complaints about kids today spending all their time playing Xbox, or engaging in antisocial activities such as graffiti and vandalism. When asked why they do these things - it's usually because they have "nothing to do".

Please take this once in a generation opportunity to leave a valuable legacy to our community.

Also supported this by emailing the council. Would be awesome to expand the lovely but small Manly Dam circuit or at least provide a connection to another area.

Supported this with email to all councilors and received a reply from Councillor Vincent De Luca who supports this proposal. Hope it gets up as it would be a great addition to northern area cycling facilities.

I couldn't make it in person, but reports are promising: An amazing response tonight at Warringah Council


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