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Anyone planning for the May11th RiverRide  or the May21st The Wiseman's Loop de Loop 200Km BRM? I am up for one of these.



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Hi Suraj

The River Ride usually attracts a good field of riders. Last year though there was only 20 riders as the weather forecast was for some rain; the previous year there was about 35 riders (across the various options).


Hello Garry,

Thankyou for the response. Since this is going to be my first ride in Australia, i was looking for some company. From your email it looks that i will get some friends. I will register for it right away. Thanks again!



Garry. is it permissible for people doing the road versions to take a bonus 5 km detour on the Laughtondale Gully dirt rather than Old Northern Road, I hate that climb and the Gully road is quite nice.

Yes, Bec (and I think one tor two others) did that last year.

I will do the 200Km ride this year and will do the Laughtondale Gully thanks Gary

Hi Suraj, have you decided on a distance / surface option for the River Ride yet. The discussion above regarding Laughtondale Gully road is because the climb out of Wisemans on Old Northern Rd is very steep and very narrow and many of the motor vehicles using it will be towing boats or caravans thus it is not the most pleasant of sections. The gully road while dirt is fairly hard packed, a bit lumpy but doable with a road bike although 25/28mm tyres are an advantage, it is a very nice section though with birds and bush and you rarely see a motor vehicle on it.

The Wiseman's Loop ride being on a weekday generally has a small to very small number of riders, sometimes just Wade for whom it has a special meaning.

Hope to see you on the River Ride, introduce yourself, I will be on a silver Lynskey (as opposed to Garry's Seven)

Hello Bill,

Thankyou very much for the detailed information.I don't know any routes as i am new to Australia and to Sydney and this would be my first brevet in Australia.I just thought of initially doing a 200km riverside(without having any idea about the terrain). Unfortunately,i will not be able to come for the Riverside ride as i got some personal commitments. However I'm keen on the Wiseman's loop but then as you told since it's a weekend, it's hard to get company.I have to check with the organiser on the same. Do we have any other interesting 200k coming in June?


Suraj , forgive me if you already know this but here is a bit of an overview of the Audax Ride Calendar & Registration.

Have you done Audax rides previously or longer distances, 200 kms? I notice your listed bike is a Cannondale Quick5, much like my first bike , good all rounder but being a flat bar fitness/hybred bike with heavier tyres it might require extra effort especially on the fairly hilly rides around Sydney, you might consider a 100 or 150 km distance for your first long ride around Sydney.

I assume you are riding a bit now and while Audax Ride Organisers will plan the safest, least trafficed routes there will always be a few roads with some more traffic that are hard to avoid so you will want to be confident riding on roads like that.

Information on planned rides is available on the Audax web site , the calendar has several forms depending on the format you find best, I find the "Online Ride Calendar" best but the other gives a better "calendar" view

There is also a direct link to this which is good especially for smaller screen mobile devices like a phone

From there you can select the State that the ride is in (or the State/Territory that organisers the ride, ACT has rides in NSW as well) and the months and other details you are interested in and then press "Search" to retrieve all the rides for the selections

You will then get the Rides for those criteria, below is the River Ride details from that list

If you select the "Map" link for the rides you can see the Route and Elevation profile for that ride on the Ride with GPS site and you can download the GPX/TCX route for loading into a GPS Mapping device like a Garmin or you can use the RwGPS App on a phone which will show you the route and your current location. (The RwGPS routes/apps all work with the "free" RwGPS membership as Audax Australia has a "Club" membership of RwGPS)

If you select the "Online registration via Audax Portal" it will take you to the Registration page for that ride and  on that page if you scroll down to the Details & Registered section you can see how many people are currently registered for the ride, the "View List" link will show who is registered for each distance ride. You can register from that page. You will note that there is currently only one person registered for Wisemans Loop but people often register closer to the ride "Close Date/Time"

There a lot of rides scheduled in May and June, some of them fairly difficult and some easier, look at the profiles (remembering that areas around Sydney are mostly hilly so not a lot of flat rides). The Damn Blue Hills rides on 25 May are good , quite a bit on the M7 cycleway and if you want rivers like the River Ride then the rides on Sun 09 & Mon 10 June are very similar.

Have you joined Audax Australia yet? https://www.audax.org.au/public/membership-header

Have a look at the details of rides you might want to do and we will be able to answer any specific questions regarding the routes etc.

Hope to see you on a ride soon, have good riding.

Hello Billy,

I am totally overwhelmed by your response that are so much informative with abundant information. Thanks a lot and i really appreciate your effort in writing such detailed response.

Talking about me, i am basically from India and i am here in Australia from last July. Back in India, i have got the Super Randonneur title once and yes i was having the Cannondale Quick 5.Unfortunately, i couldn't bring my bike to Australia.

However last month i bought a Merida Scultura 400(my first road bike) and did some small rides in Sydney(Yeah, they are hilly!!). Last week attempted a Katoomba ride from Strathfield, but unfortunately got two flats and had to abandon my ride at Wentworh falls(10 km short of Katoomba).I am a slow rider and ideally average around 19-20km.

I have registered in the Audax portal and have paid the 1 year membership fee as well. I am looking forward to do a SR ride within this year,but not sure if i could do. I want to start with small 200km rides and get acquainted with the traffic and the terrain.

I will try attempting the wiseman's loops this month and see how it feels. Nonetheless, i will go over the links that you have shared with me to better understand the upcoming rides.

Last but not the least i would like to thank you once again for the lovely attitude and the patience you have. I am  eagerly looking forward to meet you and other wonderful souls out there on the rides and if possible make a great AUDAX team :-)



India is becoming a bit of an Audax super power, 7th highest national pre-registrations for Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 with 386 up from 52 in 2015 (Australia only 102 for 2019). The Merida looks ideal, flats are a pain but I am either lucky or my Continental GP 4000 tires are effective as I only get one every year or so, 8,000+ kms. I don't think you will have any problems with the Sydney region 200s.

A SR this year might be a problem because due to the PBP in August there are few 400 or 600s after June in NSW (one of each in Sept at Wagga) so you would have to do the 400 in June and 600 in Sept, lots of options for 300s and even more 200s. Victoria has more 400 / 600 rides as they have about 3 times the Audax members than NSW.

If you were interested there is a PBP information night next week , mostly for people going this year but also some like me dreaming of 2023 , you could get to meet some of the very serious nsw audax members

Also have a look at the "Permanent" rides in the members Portal, let me know if you need any help with it, as a member you can do a permanent from 50 to 600 km any time (usually on your own although people often organise to ride the same route with other members at the same time) and have the distance credited although only as a Brevet Australia and not BRM.

Anyway look at the calendar, pencil in some possible rides and we can answer you questions

Welcome to Australia and welcome to Audax Australia.


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