Ollie or someone else might post a general discussion re Newcastle Overnight but worthwhile noting it here also. This will be the second year as an Audax ride , last year there were over 200 official registrations and a good few unofficial riders, this year there are over 140 registrations so far I am told and many of us leave it to the last minute.

I have done 2 Elvis Escape night rides in Parkes and have enjoyed both greatly (one 38 degree start, cooling to low 20s by dawn and one rained all night), on again early Jan 2016 with a 100, 200 and 300, I am tempted by the 300 to the north west of Parkes, flat and very very dark and lonely. Looking forward to my first Newcastle Overnight, better if it doesn't rain though.

Anyone else planning to ride, maybe we can arrange a finish meet up?

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I'm registered. Might see you out there.

Is there a route for GPS anywhere?

website, http://newcastleovernight.com/

MapMyRide might require registration to export route so I have put it on RWGPS

I have also registered, organisers are going to have a lot of brevets to fill out


Hmmmmm!  Not the route that I'd have chosen from the end of Fernleigh Track in to Ocean Baths for the early hours of a Sunday!

There are a couple of issues that may need to be reconsidered or just aware of on the day that may create some minor problems.

The routes shown appear to have been done from Newcastle to Sydney and just reversed, so there will be some minor issues if you blindly follow the GPS track.

I hope that the weather is good for you all and I may see some of you at the Newcastle end.

Agree with Dabba here. It's much easier to turn right from Dumaresq Street into Parkway, then use the lights to cross Stewart Avenue and follow Parkway all the way to the left turn into Union Street.

The "route" apparently has changed since to be directly along Glebe Road to Darby

I subsequently noticed that too, but who really wants to ride along Glebe Road after 170km when Dumaresq is flat. ;^)

Below and attached is the route that I'd be taking

  • it's flat
  • relatively quiet at most times of the day
  • not a lot of parked cars turning over
  • but, it is a bit of a navigation exercise and I rode it all today and there were no traffic problems along it.


Yep, that's exactly the route I'd use too. The Newcastle locals are in agreement! When does that happen around here...

It doesn't always have to be "I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong!"

Note - the route is on Garmin Connect via the 18 Nov update on http://newcastleovernight.com/, only change is a slight variation to the location of the 2nd checkpoint around 120kms, Garmin Connect only allows direct write to a device and I think you have to be registered, I will see if I can get the new version up on RwGPS again.

It's a much better option than the original one.  They've cut out the navigational exercise that was shown in the image on my post above from the end of the Fernleigh Track into Ocean Baths at Newcastle.

However, there is a problem at the Belmont end of the Fernleigh Track.  They have shown a right turn into Alick St.  This is blocked by a median strip, which will be negotiable in the wee small hours, but not as the sun rises.  A safer option would be to continue north on the highway until the first set of traffic lights at Gen St, then turn right.  Alternatively, the route that I always take is to take the first turn left at the Gunyah Hotel into Walter St, then take the next right into Victoria St and cross the highway at the traffic lights there into Gen St.

The problem mentioned above at Belmont end of the Fernleigh Track hasn't been changed on the latest route map and is still shown as


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