Most of my 2013 goals were not achieved which is a bit of a bummer but I did get some decent rides in; my first 400, second 300, a difficult 100 in which Michael and I were called amateurs by Michael's wife (Bilpin Ride 100) and also 3 difficult 200s (Bilpin Ride 200, Festum Prophetae 200, Michael's FP reconn) all involving distance on dirt roads, 2 failed 600s which had me catching a train home from Wyong, both times at 525km into the ride. Oh and I fell off my bike on the 300.

The 2014 season already has a DNF so I'm off to a flying start.

I know the Audax season has already begun so I realise this question is a little late,

what are you goals for the 2014 season?

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My goals for this season are:

A Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400, 600)
Complete a 1200
Riders of Bilpin Ride, Wing it West and Dam Blue Hills happy with the course and organisation.
Ride a 200 in 9 hours or less

YRR 12 * 1200 inc 

2 x Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400, 600)

and PAP in October

Sorry meant YRR 12 * 1200 YRR 12 * 200

12 * 1200s would be difficult :o)

Well, since you're asking.

Another YRR; a Super Series, plus the BRAG Ride. That would make me happy.
A Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400, 600).
Bilpin 200.
No DNF's would be nice.

Bilpin 200, wonder if anyone will beat the best time of 12h15m time? Ridden by Geoff Wyatt on a 29er, 40mm tyres, front suspension.

I have no goals at all.

no problems with that Rob, as long as your enjoying your cycling.

YRR (no. 6) and Perth-Albany-Perth.  YRR could be challenging in June as I'm off o/s on 31 May and get back on Fri 27 June, leaving Sat and Sun after no riding for a month to knock out a 200.

Looking throuogh the calendar this morning, i may downgrade my 1200 aim to the Hunter and Beyond 1000 in September.

Depending upon which 1200 was in your original plan, a 1000 in the Hunter could be more difficult than a 1200.  I would be inclined to think that PAP could be easier than a Hunter 1000.


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