Bilpin Ride is on again. (How to complete a brevet in record time)

The Bilpin Ride is on in 11 days time and since the Sackville shop is closed I will be supporting the ride. Details not complete yet but I'll have refreshments for both ride distances near the Sackville Ferry.

Because I'm supporting the ride and don't want to miss out on riding one of the most challenging 200s on the calendar I'll be riding the course this weekend.

Most of you won't know this but I like to make a ride plan including food, water and times between CPs. This will be particularly important for me as I will only have one place to top up food and water for the return 100km.

While looking at my previous times for Bilpin Ride in 2013 and 2014 and I noticed something.
In 2013 I did the ride in 12h37, the slowest time for the 200km.
In 2014 I did the ride in 11h23, the fastest time for this course (shared with Michael S).
That is a difference of 1h14.
In 2013 I took 2h46 off the bike.
in 2014 I took 1h30 off the bike.
A difference of 1h16.
My better result in 2014 was made up in taking a shorter breaks, as simple as that.
So if you'd like to beat your best time on an Audax ride, take shorter and less frequent stops.

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Also there is work going on at the former Sackville Ski Lodge so hopefully it will return as a useful stop/checkpoint?

A great day for a bike ride.

Most of the dirt roads were a bit moist which kept the dust down, although I still managed to get home with a filthy face. The descent to the intersection of Comleroy Rd was the smoothest it has ever been, I kept waiting for the ruts that would have me close to a pinch flat but they never came, I'll have to let the bike roll faster next time.

The ride was going as planned until Sackville ferry, closed for repairs. I sat there for a little while trying to figure out what to do next. Got back on the bike and headed back up the hill not knowing if I was going to turn left into River Rd and go back to the Lower Portland ferry or head up and travel towards Windsor and go up via Freemans Reach to East Kurrajong Rd. Lola Bido was on his way down the hill, not far from the bottom. He made the decision easy, Lower Portland ferry.

The cafe next to the ferry was open, I got extra water, we crossed on the ferry and headed back the way we came rather than do the East Kurrajong route.

In the end it was a 209km day instead of a 200km day, I don't know if we ended up doing more or less unsealed roads than planned.

The best sight of the day was the autumn leaves in the failing light as I emerged from the National Park at the top of Mountain Lagoon Rd. From there it felt like a very fast 14km climb to the car.

Good to meet you Lola Bido and sorry I did not get to meet the 2 riders that arrived 10 minutes after roll out time.

April 9, 2016.

Checking River Rd conditions soon (for the 200), maybe a part of the course is climbing over barriers where the road subsidence has occurred.

whatever the course ends up being, there will be lots of dirt, there will be a bloody big hill climb at the end of either distance, there will be riders pulling Rapha-esque pain faces and there will be finishers that won't forget the ride for a long time.


But I'll be picking apples and camping at Mt Wilson and dicing with leeches at the Cathedral of Ferns

Hi Rob

How much dirt is on the 116?




Hi Paul,

both rides have about 50% dirt, both enjoy Wheeny Creek and Mountain Lagoon Rd. 

Will be my longest dirt ride if I do this, which I plan to. However, I might wimp out if it pours down Rob, only for the sake of not having a proper bike for it :P

I'll request light rain only.

Great photos again Robert, great Checkpoint contribution with superb supporting cast Michael & Bhanu

I'm glad you enjoyed Bill, if only I could recall what I sent in. The Mystery Brevet on the 18th of September will be my next bit of input. I hope to get photos on ????? Rd and some around the ??????? area.




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