I'm told that the interest in riding dirt is increasing, certainly true for me. A chance to get onto the road less travelled, listen to the crunch of stones under your tyres.
A pretty and challenging ride over mixed terrain in the lower Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury basin.
Will the ride live up to the hype?
With 67km of dirt on the 116km course and close to 90km on the 200km course the challenging aspect should not disappoint.
Pretty? well there is River Road which is the best stretch of road close to Sydney. Travelling through Wollemi National Park is quite special, not much of this ride is not special.
Come and prove me wrong.
Rides start at 6:30am, 100km course riders ride within daylight hours so no special lighting requirements, 200km riders will need fulfil Audax lighting and reflective top requirements.

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bike hasn't been washed in 9000km, I'll consider washing it afterwards if they complain when I park it in the storeroom on Monday.

Enjoy that Robert. I'll be going for a bike ride.


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