Brave the (potential) rain for the last chance of doing a Sydney North Audax ride this month.


100, 150 & 200km rides, covering most to all of the gorges in N. Syd.


Ride document:


Online entry:

Entry closes midday tomorrow (Fri 25th).

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Registered and checked out my rain cape today.

Cool. You doing the 200?


I'll be the guy on the ti Van Nicholas if it does not look too rainy or the white Kinesis with yellow saddle and bar tape, and mudguards if it looks like lots of rain.

I hope you guys all survived today's ride safe and sound. Looked like nasty, wet and windy conditions this morning.

The ride looked easy compared to why I DNSed - felt pretty sick (probably overtired) and our baby would not stop crying. Turned out to be reflux (which we no idea about) and relatively easily solvable once we knew what was going on. However, a "Do you really think you should ride tomorrow?" (implied exclamation mark in there as well)  from my wife at about midnight on Friday was enough. YRR killed at the starting block :(. She was right though, not really fair for me to go galavanting around Northern Sydney for fun all day while she has no chance to rest/sleep.


Now I'm stumped for a cycling goal this year... hmmm....


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