I'm just packing my bags to head down to Canberra for one of my favourite rides - Fitz's Challenge.

I'm trying my hand at the inaugral Extreme 250km. Coming of a lack of training and cold, I've never felt so nervious about finishing a big ride.

Is anyone else doing it?

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No big ride for me this weekend, I'm taking it off before Yarramalong next week, though as I intend to do the Alpine Classic 250 in 2013 this one might be on my calendar next year.

You might want to revise that timetable, Rob.

Many years ago I did the Fitz's Challenge 150km once (at my second attempt) and I reckon it was far harder and far less enjoyable than the Alpine Classic 200 (which I have completed upwards of a dozen times). The ACE 250 is bloody hard but is probably a picnic compared to a Fitz's 250.

Sorry, not going there again!

Hmm, the main reason I was considering it was because if completed it was enough to get your qualified for ACE250 and it was late next year so I would have a few thousand kms of brevets in my legs by that stage and should be fighting fit. I don't see myself qualifying by any of the other options (http://www.alpineclassic.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&vi...)

Interesting hearing different people's experiences of big rides.

I did the Fitz 207 last year as my first really big ascent ride. I found it tiring but not scary.

This year I did the 3 Peaks (similar to ACE 250 but starting and finishing in Falls Creek, without the run out and back to Bright, and "only" 234 km). I found the 3 Peaks much harder than the Fitz 207. The climb up to Falls Creek from Omeo Hwy was far and away the hardest climb I've done. I guess it didn't help that it was after having ridden 190km. 

Not sure when, or if, I'll do Fitz again. Been there, done that.

But I want to do the 3 Peaks (or ACE250) again. Feels like there's unfinished business. I would like to ride that bloody climb without feeling like I could die at any moment. :-)

Good luck Adrian. I did the 207 last year and it was ok, lovely country. Considered the 250 this year but, as things have turned out, I've done plenty of riding this month already. This weekend is a rest weekend.


Please report back on the joy of stretching the Fitz out to 250. ;-)

Ouch! That was one hard ride. Way harded than the ACE250 or Epic 207 that I'd completed in January then October last year. Most of the difficulty was really due to my complete lack of fitness and additional 6kg of  weight that I'd put on this year. You can't hide that on the climbs! My only preperation was comuting to work over the last two months whereas before I'd entered these big rides coming of a season of Audax riding. I finished Fitz's extreme in 13 hours and 10mins. I only had 20mins left untill the cutoff time and felt very much at the back of the pack as Stromlo Park was nearly empty when I came in. Despite the pain, difficulty, ridiculously long climbs and awefull headwinds, I was very happy with my ride. I ate the right food, drunk the right amount of water, kept cool/warm when I needed to be, and I finished very strongly after a late burst of energy.


only preperation was comuting to work over the last two months

Are you nuts?

Anyway, huge effort Adrian. Congratulations.


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