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keeping up to you on the way to Windsor when you did WiW200 wasn't easy Bill, engine OK, pace yourself.

Go Loopy was also my first 300, torrential rain, a dead Garmin and 3 punctures within a very short distance of each other made it even more memorable.

Penrith to Hornsby is dark but the roads were quiet. Galston Gorge had me worried but going east through there wasn't anywhere near as bad as pre-ride nervousness had me believing.

What Rob said ;)

EDIT: Apart from I remember Wylds Rd being not fun and busier than expected. Got a little blinded by a car near the bottom of the steep bit.

EDIT2: Am considering the 600, but that might become 300 or 200 :).

Ah, lights, I knew I was forgetting something. I don't have a wheel with a dynamo hub any more so that might make things a little difficult for me.

not sure I'll be on this one Bill, seems someone put down 3rd of May for a 600 as my first over 200 ride this year.

Might adjust my calendar.


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