Just a link to the to the ride information document (pdf) for the Go Loopy rides this weekend. It contains links to the online rego, but more importantly links to the modified routes due to the M2 being currently uncyclable.


I may be doing the 300, but that depends on how much of a hurry my future son and heir is in.

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excellent info, thanks

I'd like to do this ride too. It depends on how fit I feel after 6 weeks holiday in Europe. Some cycling, but mostly on the Velo libre-style city bikes and flat rail trails.

The 100 may have to do for starters.

I will be having a crack at my first 300 doing the larger, not the largest, loop. What better way to spend 15 hrs or so than trundling around northern Sydney ... and north western Sydney ... and western Sydney ... and south western Sydney ... and western Sydney ... and north western Sydney ... and northern Sydney. Phew.

Good luck Box, 300 ks by bike around Sydney will be hard, but to drive a car the same route would be madness.

Thanks bb. I nearly talked myself out of it writing that comment.
I was going to commit to the 100 (my first Audax), but the Mrs Clifford reminded me of several appointments we have that morning. Oops.
I am planning on doing my first 100Km ride on the go-loopy ride. Do many people ride as I dont want to get lost! Stupid question I know, but what is it like cycling on Pennant Hills Road?

Audax is about self-sufficiency so you really should be able to navigate yourself :). You cannot guarantee that someone is going to be riding at your pace, although often there will be. So, you can hope that someone else knows where they are going...?


The easiest way to navigate (other than a GPS :)) is to print out the cue sheet and use the cumulative distances against the distance on your bike computer - I should have turned left at Alber^K^K^K^K^K 85km etc like so...


I also used to print out google maps of areas I was not sure of.


I have only ridden Pennant Hills Road once and that was on an Audax ride (3 distances - 100/150/200). All riders pretty much kept as a group on this road. However, at 06:00 it is quite enough not to be much of a problem if you end up by yourself. It is also only a short-ish part of the ride and mostly downhill so you will only be on the road a short time.

Follow the cue sheet and print out the map on A3 if you can. There should be other riders to stick with.
I'm now in doubt with a tweaked knee after a too-enthusiastic stretch yesterday. Will see how it feels in the morning.


Started at 06:00, finished at 21:30.

Well done on the 300 ride. I'm planning 200 a month from November, achieving will be another thing.
I'm thinking about that too. Saw that Si had achieved the "Year Round Randonneur". Sounds like a good idea to have a monthly target like that.


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