Just a link to the to the ride information document (pdf) for the Go Loopy rides this weekend. It contains links to the online rego, but more importantly links to the modified routes due to the M2 being currently uncyclable.


I may be doing the 300, but that depends on how much of a hurry my future son and heir is in.

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Definitely worth doing. It forced me to get out riding, and enjoying it, when I could have quite easily stayed in bed.


The whole point of YRR is that you have to do it year round as well so, rain, cold, hot etc etc you have to deal with it all.


I'm just wondering if I'll be able to do it this year as well.... hmmm...

8 hours riding in the rain definitley helped me understand what I should do next time those conditions occur.  And it is amazing how quickly rust sets in on your chain, had rust spots the next day which I quickly hit with oil.

What is worse, a hot day or a cold wet one?

What is worse, a hot day or a cold wet one?


Days which start like this:


And change to be like this later on.





I have a 14 yr old, an 11 and a 9 yr old.  My wife does not drive and living inthe hills district mean sfa public transport.  I ride.

I tend to wake up at 4 am for my long rides and they all support me in my efforts now with Audax rides.

Good work. I'm not jealous or anything :(. :).


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