So Ladies and Gents,

Am told this is a very popular ride and expected is quite a large crowd of hardened Audax veterans. So whose coming and why?

Which course will you do?

How do you plan to survive the heat?

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I would like to but at this stage I won't be riding it. I'm not going to the Alpine Classic so don't I need it as preparation for that. 

I'm doing a 400 out of Canberra this weekend so probably won't feel like backing up a week later for a lumpy 200.

Heat? I rode a very hot 200 permanent a few Friday's ago. Drank lots and lots, kept up the electrolytes, stop plenty of times for rest, generally didn't push the pace at all. It seemed that as the temp went above high 30's my energy level just faded away. After the temp dropped back down a bit my energy started to come back.

PS. re In Search of Hills - I reserve the right to change my mind at the last minute and decide to ride it. 

I dunno if its a great idea to do a 400km this Sat Michael, weather in evening doesnt look good. I am planning on doing the Woy Woy Road trip myself, but only the 200km :(

I just cant seem to handle the heat - did a heaty training ride yesterday and just suffered through the 2nd half of that ride even when well hydrated etc. Last weekend ride felt like crawling through the last 70km, didn't really recover at all. And this was in some semi shady areas too :(

Anyways, am sure I will catch you on an audax ride soon.

BTW wanted to ask - what other 400's/600/1000 you doing this audax year, I want someone to keep company for a longer one :P

400 - this weekend's. Only planning to do one.

600 - at this stage aiming for Parkes in March. Only planning to do one.

1000 - none.

1200 - PBP in August

I need to do a 200, a 300, a 400 and a 600 as PBP qualifying rides. At this stage I won't mind if they are the only audax rides I do up until end of May but I'll hopefully do a few 200's and, maybe, an extra 300 also.

Re heat - the ride I did a few weeks ago with temps up to 44 was less humid that the last few days. The prevailing wind was NW. High humidity like we're experiencing recently will be harder to deal with as the body's "sweat to keep cool" mechanism won't be as efficient ... I think.

I won't be riding it, at the moment I'm up to 9km as my longest ride in the last 2 weeks. I might be hitting 12km this afternoon.

heat, what Michael said. Keep electrolytes/fluid going in, take it easy.

400 this weekend, grumble grumble. Would have been nice.

Rest and recovery is important too:P Will be a bit of a bugger to get back to form I suppose though, but am sure you will be fine :) Dont think your gonna miss much on the 400km this weekend, looks like raining afternoon/evening. 

I'm likely doing the 200km. Potentially the 250km.

Rob, is that knee of yours still being recalcitrant?

giving it a bit more rest Rohan, forced upon me by flying over the handebars 2 weeks ago.

Ribs still won't allow me to roll in bed without groaning and a right shoulder blade that just doesn't feel right.

My weight is shifting from legs to middle section, antigravity at work.

Jeez-us, please tell me you did it mountain biking?  

That's crappy news indeed. Hope the recovery isn't too frustrating. 

a little more mundane, riding home from getting a haircut.

Stick in spokes, plastic guards folded up and locked up front wheel.

maybe I should go with a mtb story.

Did I ever tell you how I dislocated my pinkie when training for SM1200? Now that's a real macho story.

Terrible news Rob :( Thought you were getting better, but obviously its still dragging on. Must have been pretty nastily bruised up.

I might do the 200km myself. Not doing Alpine classic since I cant afford(time or money:P) to drive down and stay and don't have proper accommodation either so I suppose no point killing myself for the extra 50km. Hopefully see you on the ride :)

Well I am booking in for the 200km, I dont think I have the patience to go down to Berowra again and climb that back again to do the 250km. Hopefully see some of you chaps there :)



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