So Ladies and Gents,

Am told this is a very popular ride and expected is quite a large crowd of hardened Audax veterans. So whose coming and why?

Which course will you do?

How do you plan to survive the heat?

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I'm signed up for the 200km.  

Temps look mild - hopefully the rain stays away.

Yes temps look great for riding. Only realized today ride is Sun and not Sat:P

We might be lucky with the rain!

I signed for the mid group, I dont think I will do sub 9 1/2 with so much climbing and might as well do an enjoyment ride rather than trying to ride at the limit all the time.

Hopefully meet you at the start Rohan, I am the dark chap with the bald head on the black azzurri ;)

I'll definitely come and say hello at the start!  I've got the brown Pegoretti.

Signed up for the faster group as sub 9 1/2 sounds relatively doable based on previous experience in the Alpine Classic.  I'm actually not an endurance monkey but 200 is about my limit before I get found out.

What might be challenging is using a bike computer for the first time.  Been a stubborn Luddite for 10 years but I don't fancy pulling out a map/cue sheet throughout the day. Actually installing it and loading the ride file as we speak!

My garmin 500 doesn't have a mapping function(i didn't realize it didn't when i bought it) - i am ok for the rest of the route but the first 40km i have never ridden on a bike so will be interesting for me, though done parts of it in the car of course. So hopefully will follow some wheels atleast until then.

See you there!

The 500 will show you a "breadcrumb" route map and will give you turns based on a TCX downloaded from RWGPS, see below ( and Vedio at bottom of that page)
GPS device certainly helps, worrying about taking a wrong turn doesn't help the oneness with bike zen like state achievement. Use a TCX file option as the custom cuesheet entries are generally pretty good from the experienced ride organisers.

But anyway the route is very easy, unless you are going up hill there is a fair chance you are off course.

Good luck to you all, too much hill for me.

Thanks for this Bill, I will try to test it out on some training rides. Could come in useful on some of those routes I dont have a clue on :)

Good day out and unsurprisingly, pretty testing.  

I didn't realise the 250km course had not only more climbing, but also feistier climbing.  No effing way I would have wanted to add Cottage Point and Crosslands/Somerville to the mix.

Ended up riding with someone most of the day in that classic scenario where each thought the other was threatening to drop them.

How did you fare Bhanu?

Beset with cramping issues for the last 80km, especially when trying to climb while standing. Had to take more breaks than I wanted to buy electrolyte drinks (I had run out of the tabs and Chain Reaction hadn't delivered after ordering 2 weeks ago). Also rode through cramp at times which wasn't pleasant and not great for pace.

One of the chaps I rode with told me to get some magnesium tablets when doing longer distances, which I didn't know was useful.I also have to drink plenty early on in the ride, I am playing too much catch up on liquids and riding with a full stomach of water later on too much I think.

Rode with a few different people at different times as I kept to my own pace since there was so much climbing.

Ultimately 10 hours 15 min, a bit under 9 hours moving, so not great but I am happy to have got through it.

Yes I heard the 250km did some extra nasty bits, couple of the NSCC guys I met in Arcadia ferry mentioned it.

My friend Phil had done it in a cracking pace - 25.6km av moving and 9 hours to finish which was amazing given the terrain.

Nice to have met you too!

Seems like we make the same amateur mistakes!

I have a habit of not hydrating (or eating) adequately in the front half of a ride when I'm feeling strong, then winding up with cramps in the innner thigh area (sartorius?).

Screwed the pooch once again on Sunday and had to take an urgent side trip before the Mt White climb to track down water.  Thankfully the cramp didn't shut me down and I didn't repeat the performance later on.

As far as the heat was concerned, the only part it really bothered me was on the return climb up Old Pacific Highway to Berowra.

My quads were still somewhat feeling the effects during my ride this morning.


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