Why do the Sydney/Melbourne 1200 when you can come and do my ride!!



Cheers, Si.

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Are they mutually exclusive? I have been encouraging Rob to do both. 

At this stage I am planning to do your ride ... slowly.

See you at the start.

sounds like fun, might not be ready for Mt Cliftonville, probably won't be able to climb an ant hill so I'll have to pass on this ride.

Thanks Si, I have a feeling I might be reluctant to back up with a 200 so soon. Call me weak if you will.

Weather Permitting, I will be there, cycling from Balmain to the start. Planning on doing Year Round Randonneur this year, so need to do this one. If wet Katoomba ride the weekend after with lots of M4 cycling!

YRR, that was another goal of mine, if I don't complete SM1200 I had better come along to this ride. But I will complete SM1200 so don't expect me.

Also want to do a reverse order Super Randonneur. 1200 (not required), 600, 400, 300, 200.

How is the knee Rob, ok for Mt Cliftonville or Las Montanas Azules for a November 200?

knee still a bit bothersome, walking up and down stairs not totally comfortable.

But worse is the cold that I left for Melbourne with is now fully stuffing up my head, rain squalls all Sunday did not help and I'm sure 330km wasn't what a doctor would recommend.

Las Montanas Azules possibly, if my new derailleur arrives before then. Somewhere before Canberra my front derailleur snapped, not that I needed it much.

Another wise Audaxer told me to always get your 200 in as early as possible in the month, mine done on 2nd so on track 1 of 12 but will it last?

Sorry Si, I'm out.

Combination of factors but bottom line is I'm not ready for the distance + hills again yet. 

I might try for something about half that distance with hills closer to home instead.

Hopefully will see you at TnD next month. 

How did it all go Si?

It was a good ride. Had a nice storm - not cold, nice big droplets rather than small evil ones - from just before Andy's to top of Berowra. Made it up Halcrows and Cattai Ridge Road with an average speed of 26km/h due to keeping up most of the way with my non-audax roadie friends (who have been training seriously, and it shows), but couldn't keep up with them after that.

Had two pikers (both audax members!) and one no-show who got the date wrong and called me at 05:30 on Sunday. So only 5 audax members and OTTOMH (still need to do paper work) and 8 non-audax riders.


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