Ride Name: Mystery Brevet
Ride Type: [BA]
Distance Options: (145 km)
Start Location: GALSTON
Date: 18/09/2016
Start time: 7AM
Ride Organiser : Me

Yes, a mystery brevet.
How does it work? You will be told where the start is and at what time you should arrive by. You will not know the course or checkpoints until the day of the ride.
The ride will be during daylight hours so no lighting check is required BUT you will receive your brevet card and a cue sheet at the start so it is important you arrive on time.
The cue sheet will have all the instructions for getting you to the first checkpoint. At the first checkpoint you will receive another cue sheet that gets you to the second checkpoint. You see how this works, you will only have cues to get you to the next checkpoint or finish.
Checkpoints will have opening and closing times as per usual Audax style. If you miss the checkpoint closing time you will miss out on receiving the next cue sheet.
I'll be announcing a final date when I have jumped through whatever hoops may be present to get this approved as an Audax ride.

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Mystery riders?

I'm having a slow morning, what do you mean by mystery riders?

mystery brevet with a mystery route might call for mystery riders, that's all?


edited title with ride date.

Starting in Galston.

due to my current workload I have had to cancel this ride. I have not been able to put int he time to make sure the cue sheet is spot on, and this ride very much relies on an accurate cue sheet.

I'd also like to make sure I have a good FAQ in place and a better attempt at marketing the ride. I don't want to present a half baked idea.

thanks for your understanding;.

Understood Rob, this style of ride requires a lot of preparation and time which we don't always have spare.A pile of possible riders will also still be on their Brutal 600


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