A late change of plans meant that I was able to do an audax ride this weekend. The local 100s were out due to the traffic from "Convoy" (just donate the money and stop polluting the environment). The "Newie" was still open so I signed up. So Saturday night I and 100 or so other brave (stupid) souls assembled at Observatory Hill for this annual migration to the North.

Down to the bridge path where I found the way blocked by a 4 wheel pedal contraption. "How amusing. What are they going to do about the stairs?" A team of 5 manhandled the thing over the barriers, almost through a set of security cameras and down the ramp part of the stairs. That was the last I saw of that crew. How did that story end? Hopefully not in a fiery crash on the side of the road.

Update - they made it with an assist from Sydney Trains around the really hilly bits

The leg out of town on the Pacific Hwy is always a bit dicey and best done as part of a group. I managed to snag a fastish group to roll with. A good pace was kept until we got to Hornsby. Where the group split up through various intersections. Slowish down to Brooklyn as always, before reeling some people in on the climb to Mount White. Dome zoomed past me but I caught him on the hill, a pattern that repeated throughout the night.

The first stop at Mt White always appears so suddenly. A beacon of fellowship and food. People regrouping and swapping yarns before proceeding.

The second section down into Mooney Mooney was a bit smoky and largely done solo, no big groups rolled past only two and threes. My previous visit to the Central Coast at night had resulted in a local "sharing" their can with me (right above the hip) so I was a little apprehensive rolling through here. But seems all the local motoring enthusiasts were heading south. So it was a quickish, quiet jaunt to the second stop at Budgewoi.

Dome and I rolled out and managed to hook onto a fast group of six, who we managed to hang on to until the Fernleigh Track. The pace continued at a decent tempo until we came across a slower rider, whom I recognised as our Pedant-in-Chief so I peeled off to ride the last bit at more of a gentleman's pace.

We arrived at the pool at 4:50am too late for one train, too early for another and before light so there was no view beyond the lights of the pool.

There is a great community spirit to this ride, that I've not come across with other massed rides that I have done. The organisers and volunteers do a fantastic job and the riders respond in kind by being more sociable, helpful and just generally friendlier.

It's always a good ride for catching with other audaxers, not to mention the occasional Strava stalkee, as there is a general milling about at the start and stops.

If you haven't done this ride definitely pencil it in.

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The 4 wheel pedal car pulled out at Berowra, I think because of concerns about the brakes on the steep descents. My rear derailleur cable (11 month old Dura Ace) broke around Mt Kuringai. Made for tough climbs. Made the baths by 6 but the cafe didn’t open so we didn’t get the party atmosphere at the end as people wandered off to find coffee.


what part of the cable broke ?

At the lever.

depending on usage ,cable should be changed every 12 months ... on 9 speeds and up .

I've just found their Instagram feed. They managed to get the thing onto a train at Berowra and rejoined at Gosford. From there they made it to the end, which is still an epic adventure :)

Bad luck on the cable Chris


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