A quick message to let you know the NSW online permanent system is operational.

Not all rides are available as yet, this will take a little time.

Go to https://www.audax.org.au/portal/

log in

Follow Online permanents link found lower right of screen.

select region

select a permanent

enter required information.


Print out brevet


I have not gone through this process yet, who ever rides one first can correct the above and add to what is done next.

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all valid.

These ideas should be put to the national committee. Maybe a member could bring this forward to a NC meeting. 

I see some more have gone on. Wish i'd seen it a bit earlier. Would have done an ACT one this weekend.

Oh and I like the option of selecting the stat point on a loop ride

Optional starting point is good, looks like only some of the rides have this though. Time saved in admin will allow time for a lot more rides, hopefully

only some have optional start points because an RO may not want the option to be given for various reasons.

Makes sense. But it'll be nice to start a ride and not have to loop past the house twice or ride 20-30km to the start to loop back 15 

Took me a little while but I finally did one.

Emailed the RO before booking just to get the okay. Otherwise just a really nice process.

I did a loop route and started at the "midway" point. RO emailed the brevet which had the controls in correct order, but the email had the wrong starting control.

As a suggestion, in addition to uploading a copy of the brevet, maybe also include option to upload GPS track (with ability to upload zip for large/multiple tracks). 

All in all I think it's a great system. I'll just have to resist the urge to be antisocial & only do permanents ;)



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