Question about Audax Aust insurance while on non-sanctioned events (e.g. Newcastle Overnight)


Tried writing to but didn't get a reply, I was hoping someone here would either know the answer of put me in touch with someone who does:

I am considering joining Audax Australia, I'm interested in participating in some of the rides (when I get a little fitter) and am also interested in the insurance. I just have a couple of questions: 

1. Is insurance between now and November also be included in this offer of 15 months membership?
"New members joining after 1 August will receive up to 15 months' membership for the payment of one year's fees (or 3 years and 3 months for cost of a 3-year membership)" 
"a) Individual members are covered for any activity involved with cycling 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
b) Cover does not extend to include participating in non-Cycling Australia/BMX Australia/Mountain Bike Australia/Pedal Power ACT sporting events, fun runs/rides or competitions"
I don't really understand this clause, it seems almost self contradiction. (a) seems clear, we are covered 24/7 while riding; but then (b) seems to say that if you are in, say, a ride organized by someone not on their list you are not covered. Or am I reading this wrong?
Thanks for your help, I look forward to signing up.

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I am not a lawyer, but as I read and understand it...

 - you are covered 24x7 when doing your own riding (e.g. training rides, commuting, riding to the milk bar etc the same sort of thing BNSW insurance covers)

 - you are not covered for events run outside of the auspices of Cycling Australia/BMX Australia/Mountain Bike Australia/Pedal Power ACT. I do wonder if this includes The Gong Ride.

 - you are not covered for racing (need a gold licence for that, or a day license).

The key word is "event". Does the Newcastle Overnight ride count as an event? You would have to ask the insurer:

can't help, but now I am also confused about that clause.

Join Audax. If something happens don't mention the 'event'.
Is there an entry fee for the night ride? A sign up process? Reflective vest and 2 head and 2 tail light checks? Relector check?
This clarifies the wording but there is still doubt regarding
"..unless an Insured Person(s) is competing in an event/race that is not conducted under endorsed protocols of an ‘affiliated entity’..",
insurance company might argue that Newcastle Overnight is an "event" and not just a individual's own ride. "Competing" is used rather than "participating" but I would not assume that means cover is guaranteed.

It is not unreasonable that cover is excluded where an event is "organised" by another body that should have its own event insurance.

Document from here

The limitation appears to only apply to the Personal Injury cover and not the Public Liability cover

An insurance company would definitely argue that the Newcastle Overnight is an event - it is in their interests to do so if it minimises their exposure to costs. When I broke my shoulder on an audax ride I made the mistake of saying I was on an organised ride when I had to make a claim against my travel insurance (I had an international flight booked for the day after the accident) - one of the exclusions on that particular policy was that injuries which occured as a result of "racing" of any sort would not be covered and they made the claim that since there was a time limit on compelting the ride it was the equivalent to competing in a race.

I argued against it and did manage to get them to grudgingly pay out, but I think it is safe to assume that if there is any possibility that the company can define a situation to their advantage that will look to do so. If you can see the potential for an event to be defined as such, the insurance company certainly will too.

I've been told by someone in the industry that when dealing with insurance companies, don't argue with the first person who rejects your claim.  Just ask them what their disputes procedure is and take it from there. In most cases they'll back down because the first rejection is an attempt to intimidate you so that you'll accept their ruling.  It's worked for me.

if I have to get to work by a required time am I racing?

My understanding (and happy to be proven wrong) is that Audax / CA insurance Personal Injury covers you only in Sanctioned rides by Audax/CA.

Which is why clubs will tell you 'this is a sanctioned ride' or 'this is not a sanctioned ride - ride at your own risk'

That why when riding on a velodrome there also needs to be 'someone' sanctioning say a qualified coach.

Happy to be proven wrong.

Formally was the case but changed from last year or two and this is way the wording now says

"..Individual members are covered for any cycling activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..." (for Public Liability) 


"..benefits are applicable to Injury occurring during any and all bike riding activities 24 hrs a day, unless an Insured Person(s) is competing in an event/race that is not conducted under endorsed protocols of an ‘affiliated entity.." (for Personal Injury)

Great stuff both


Thanks all for the replies. Never got a response from membership, but I signed up anyway. Being covered on the commute (easily the most risky riding I do) is worth it alone, but I look forward to having a go at an Audax ride.


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