Hi all, I'm after some advice on selecting a dynamo tail light.

The light will be going on a Singular Peregrine that is normally set up with slicks and mudguards but no rack. It's feasible that I might want to keep the lights but swap to off road tyres with no mudguards.

Mudguard mount:
The most elegant solution would be a mudguard mounted light. It's equally visible from both sides of the bike, stays cleaner than a seat stay mounted light, and leaves the seat stays clear, but it would have to be removed with the mudguards, and I can't help thinking that it would be somewhat vulnerable to damage compared to a seat stay mounted light.

Rack mount:
I've struggled to find a rack that fits the Peregrine nicely due to the height of the seat stay mounts (they are about 80mm above the dropouts to clear the disc brake), and I don't generally need a rack anyway. However, I really like the physical size of the rack mounted lights for visibility purposes. I could fudge one onto a seat post mount, but that would preclude the use of any kind of saddle bag.

That all suggests that I should use a seat stay mounted light (probably a B+M Secula and be done with it.

Am I missing anything?

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Thumbs up for secular. Has both a seat stay and guardmount. A good light.

The more I consider it, the more likely it is I'll get the Secula for the rear light, I just have to decide whether to mount on the 'guard or the seat stay. The 'guard position appeals for clean cable routing and a position where visibility of the light is unaffected by the bike, but it it slightly more vulnerable to damage than the seat stay location.

It is the classic single speed bind. You can have a frame/fork set and a pair of wheels. But the design priority is this most basic of transmission systems (which does have some appeal). So the designer can ignore, in fitting disc brakes, any need to integrate a rear rack. It is outside the design parameter. Perhaps there is a new category here...single speed designed to accommodate more components.

Here is a rear rack plus rear disc combo. It is just a frame design issue and could be attended to.

And here is the taillight you can have, snugly within the rack bounds.

When the frame was built, racks with disc brake friendly lower mounting designs weren't common, hence the rack mounts being above the brake caliper. Version 2 of the Peregrine frame has the rack mounts at the dropout.

It's partly my own fault. I had some additional cable guides brazed on to the frame a few years ago, and could have relocated the rack mounts at the same time but forgot about it. Hey ho. I can mount a rack easily enough, but with a normal rack the panniers sit a little high for my liking and tend to sway a bit more as a result. The trouble is, I've struggling to find a decent rack with short legs to fit (and in silver, because I'm a bike tart).

I have a Hermanns H-Track on the back of the Yuba Mundao cargo bike and really like the rack/light integration, although I don't regularly need a rack on the Peregrine so that's a factor against a rack mounted light.

Thanks Rob, that's good to know. To be honest, I'm most worried about damaging it when I hang the bike in the shed rather than when riding!

I recently got the Secula, the one for the seatpost or seat stay mounting, I mounted on the seat stay. It attaches via a wide (7mm) cable tie thing and seems fairly solid, at least it has lasted for 300kms so far. It is nice and big, bright and the centre section is also a reflector


Now I have a non-flashing long lasting rear light I am almost ready for PBP 2019, except for actually being up to it, and qualifying, and getting there, and doing it, but the rear light requirement is sorted.

I ended up with a mudguard mounted Secula. Got that fitted last week and it all looks great.

A guy I was at school with many years ago completed PBP this year. I'm sure you can be ready for 2019!

where did you get the mudguard mount one from?

A great light.

Newcastle Overnight, no more putting it off.

Abbortsford have the mudguard one also , I will be there next week, could get you one if you want, though not before NO?

put it on my account, new bike light for a new bike :o)

The wife bought it for me (along with a B&M Luxos head light - the cheaper one without USB charging) from Rose Bikes for my birthday.


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