The ride starts in 5 weeks and I am busy training and preparing. The riding/training is under control but several other areas still need to be covered, where I will stay on Saturday night in Sydney before the start day, accommodation in Melbourne when I roll in at about 10PM on Wednesday 20, how long I'll stay in Melbourne, how I'll get back.


Below is a list of bits I will be carrying, throw suggestions at me as to what I should change.


Bag 1, saddle.

Inside bag

Tubes x 2

Patch kit (patches, glue, grit)

Tyre levers x 3

Multitool with chain breaker

Spoke tool

Small pocket knife

10sp chain links

Tissues (double as toilet tickets)

Zinc cream

Headache tablets


Inside zipped pockets



Drivers licence

Medicare card

Cycling Australia card

Outside pockets (3)

Reflective arm/leg band

Small tube of sunscreen



Pocket will hold rolled up jacket or leggings or arm sleeves

Winter gloves for day 2


Bag 2, handlebar

500gr Skrathlabs

Plastic bag, large and small

Brevet card

Cue sheet

Day glasses/night glasses

Jacket if I don't have room in saddle bag

Leg warmers if not in saddle bag

Space blanket



Bag 3, frame

Phone in plastic bag


Jersey pockets

Center, 500ml bottle

Sides, snacks


Overnight bag, limited to 5kg, size of cabin luggage

Shorts x 3

Jerseys x 3 2

Socks x 3

Gloves x 3

Skratchlabs mix x 2

Big tube sunscreen

240V charger for phone

Battery powered USB power (12000 Chinese mAh)

Spare tail lights/batteries

New chain

Chain oil

Chain links

Shoe cleats

Spare 32mm tyre

Spare tubes x 3

Book for reading at night chess board and pieces ;o)

Plastic bags for dirty clothes

Cue sheets for days 2, 3 and 4.

A few nuts and bolts, zip ties, velcro

Shorts/t-shirt/shoes for Melbourne




Merino base layer




Buff headwear

Rain jacket

Sunscreens/coolers for arms

Leg warmers




Reflective striped top


On bike

750ml bottle x 2

Spare 23mm tyre

Velcro strips


Simple odometer

Dynamo front/rear light with reflector + USB charge socket

Ayup front light

Blinking rear light with reflector

Knog rear light

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I'd be tempted to have the spare tire on the bike with me rather than in an overnight bag.

I find it hard to believe that there will be time to read a book. If you aren't on the bike you need to be eating, going to the toilet or sleeping. Anything else is wasting time.

spare tyre strapped behind handlebar, forget the book, wonder if anyone will want to play chess?

Umm, that's a lot of stuff Rob!  That's more than I would ever imagine taking.  

Do you have spare spokes?  I was advised to take some to Europe (but ignored that advice because I'm slack).   I know you have spare cleats, but I take cleat bolts with me.  Speedplays - the plates get a bit loose.  

And damn it, I wish I had realised it was on.  Have been wanting to do that ride for years.  

so what don't I take?

Cooma is currently hovering around the zero in the mornings, not sure what that will be like in 5 weeks time. So I won't be missing out on a good jacket and leg warmers, I should add some cold weather gloves to my list.

Spare spokes, no, but my wheels are 32 spoke, should be OK.

I have spare bolts in my overnight, forgot to list those.

This is pretty much what I had with me on the last 2 600km ride attempts, that and a decent amount of bananas and rice cakes to eat.

I don't know!  I'm hopeless at this stuff and my default is always a credit card :-) 

You would know better than me.   

You would know better than me.

not sure about that, that's why I posted, still a newbie

so what don't I take?

You have at least one too many tyre levers!

Do you actually need any at all? Noelbike would argue "No".

Thanks to Noel I carry 6 spare spokes everywhere, even to local shop, have to be prepared although some think I am overly cautious if not excessive, then again I have never broken one so it must be working. In my obsessiveness I once weighted a tire lever and it was 8g !
You can fix a lot of things with duct tape.

I've never needed all 3 Neil but I am concerned I will lose one or that they snap, they must fatigue at some point in their life (right at the end, yeah I know).

Mr Noelbike's theorem, as I understand it, is that any and all tyres can be removed from rims with the right technique which entails making sure the bead is pushed into the well of the rim. Strong thumbs often help.

If your tyres are "loosish" in their fitting, you certainly won't need levers. And your low tyre-pressure regime means "loose" fit is not likely to result in a tyre blowing off the rim.

Where in Sydney are you starting from btw?


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