Three routes available: 100km, 150km and 200km.

All details, including a link to the online registration, can be found in this pdf:

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I've just registered for the 200.


what a lovely day for a ride.

Well I know that now looking out of my office door while my feet squish in the shallow end of a pool formerly known as my office.  My office where I design electronic gadgets, many of which lay on the ground due to lack of shelf space, the shelf space taken up of course by more gadgets and a swag of camera gear.

My bikes reside in my office as well, the garage being mostly eaten by termites and where leaning on the door opens it.  Bikes are safer in the office than the garage, safe from human termites that will empty a room and leave only the shell.

While tyres can handle moisture, a bag full of essentials left beside the door ready for riding say, I don’t know, maybe 200km, did not fare so well.

Now I must look for another 200km ride this month.


I do not own a boat but if I ever get one I’ll already have a  bilge pump for it, if the office doesn’t need it that is.

Damn. I hope it's too much of a disaster. 

It did end up a pretty good day for a ride.

I had to be home for dinner so tried to keep the pace going. Ended up with elapsed time of 9 hr 40 mins. Riding time 8 hrs 10 mins. The last 20 were a struggle. Bonus was that Ian and Howard were delayed twice between 1st & 2nd checkpoints so I did the logical thing and kept going. Ended up I got Hornsby first. :-) Sometimes it's not the strongest that finishes first. Sometimes it's a lucky opportunist. Probably won't happen again but is nice to beat them home once.

mostly sort of OK now.  Great time 9hr and 40min, well done.

Pretty pissed off considering I'd been training hard and working out my food intake over some 130km rides.  Felt really good and I had been dropping times for most of my shorter distance rides.

I think I'll go and to the Ettalong ride now on the 19th of Feb.


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